Provides that the department of homeland security (department) may establish the PFAS biomonitoring pilot program (pilot program) to collect and analyze blood samples of individuals who were previously, or are currently, firefighters: (1) for serum PFAS levels; and (2) to determine whether there may be corresponding health implications associated with elevated serum PFAS levels. Provides that the department may consult with the department of environmental management and the Indiana department of health regarding the pilot program. Provides that the department may, to the extent possible, test 1,000 firefighters. Allows the department to work with a third party to administer the pilot program and to store data collected under the pilot program. Requires the department to submit, not later than July 1, 2027, a report summarizing: (1) the results of the pilot program; and (2) recommendations of the department, the department of environmental management, and the Indiana department of health for decreasing serum PFAS levels and exposure to PFAS chemicals; to the governor and the legislative council. Establishes the PFAS biomonitoring pilot fund.