Amends the statute concerning the statute of limitations for actions for the recovery of the possession of real estate to provide that such an action that: (1) involves a line located and established by a professional surveyor; and (2) accrues before the lines are located and established by the surveyor; must be commenced before the expiration of the appeal period set forth in the statute governing county surveyors. Amends the provision concerning the establishment of property lines by means of a legal survey to specify that the lines established are binding on all affected landowners, including a landowner who claims title under a claim of adverse possession. Provides that certain information must be contained in a notice of survey sent to adjoining landowners, and that a legible copy of the plat of the legal survey must be enclosed with the notice. Specifies that both an in county and out of county resident that owns a property subject to a survey has 180 days to appeal the survey to the circuit, superior, or probate court.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Senate Bill (S): 36-2-12-10
Senate Bill (S): 36-2-12-10
Senate Bill (H): 36-2-12-10, 36-2-12-14
Enrolled Senate Bill (S): 36-2-12-10, 36-2-12-14