Provides that the contents of an investigative demand issued by the attorney general are confidential. Expands the definition of "public benefit corporation" to include a domestic corporation that is supported by public funds or authorized to spend public funds in furtherance of its mission or that is a not-for-profit corporation that aims to serve a public benefit. Provides that a court may dissolve a nonprofit corporation under certain circumstances and provides exceptions to the types of corporations that may be dissolved under this procedure. Specifies procedural requirements that the attorney general must take before petitioning the court for dissolution for certain reasons. Permits a court to appoint a receiver to manage a nonprofit corporation even if an action to dissolve the corporation has not been filed. Provides additional remedies that the attorney general may seek for violations. Requires a nonprofit corporation to maintain certain records for three years. Provides that attorney general may not access records of specified entities. Prevents a state agency from imposing certain filing or reporting requirements that are more burdensome than what is required by state law and provides certain exceptions. Makes conforming and clarifying changes.

Statutes affected:
Introduced House Bill (H): 4-6-3-3, 23-17-24-1.5, 23-17-27-1
House Bill (H): 4-6-3-3, 4-6-3-9, 23-17-24-1.5, 23-17-27-1
Engrossed House Bill (H): 4-6-3-9, 23-17-24-1.5, 23-17-24-3, 23-17-27-1