Broadband projects. Requires the Indiana department of transportation (INDOT) to create a broadband corridor program (dig once program) to manage the location, installation, and maintenance of communications infrastructure that is used for the provision of broadband services and is located within the rights-of-way of limited access highways. Requires INDOT to adopt policies, procedures, and standards under the dig once program for required installation of fiber conduit by a public or private entity that performs an excavation within a limited access highway right-of-way. Adds a definition of "unserved area". Provides that a unit of local government may not finance broadband projects in an area, or for a specific address, at which a terrestrial connection to the Internet with an actual speed of 25 megabits per second downstream or higher is available. Permits a unit to finance broadband projects through the issuance of taxable or tax exempt bonds to be repaid by a broadband provider under the terms of a financing agreement. Requires the fiscal body of a unit to: (1) hold a public hearing to approve a financing agreement; and (2) adopt an ordinance if the financing agreement is approved. Requires a broadband provider to pledge the fees for services generated from a broadband project as the provider's primary source of funds for payment under a financing agreement. Specifies the purposes for which bonds issued for financing of a broadband project may be used. Allows adjacent units to establish a broadband authority for broadband projects that would provide broadband services to each unit.

Statutes affected:
2. Senate Bill (S): 8-23-5-10
3. Senate Bill (S): 8-23-5-10
4. Engrossed Senate Bill (S): 8-23-5-10
5. Senate Bill (H): 8-23-5-10
6. Enrolled Senate Bill (S): 8-23-5-10