Amends the Open Meetings Act. Provides that for a 3-member public body, "meeting" does not include a gathering of 2 members of the public body, except when gathered for a regularly scheduled meeting, or otherwise gathered to adopt any motion, resolution, or ordinance. Provides that for a 3-member body, 2 members of the body constitute a quorum and the affirmative vote of 2 members is necessary to adopt any motion, resolution, or ordinance, unless a greater number is otherwise provided. Allows a Police District Council to conduct a closed meeting if discussion of an issue of public safety concerns: (i) the privacy of individuals involved; (ii) law enforcement or official misconduct investigations involving specific individuals; or (iii) other topics that if discussed in an open meeting would pose an unreasonable risk to an ongoing criminal investigation, or an unreasonable risk to the safety of the general public. Allows a public body that has a website which is maintained by full-time staff of the public body to post public notice for a special meeting solely by posting notice on its website. Adds a provision allowing Police District Councils, created pursuant to the Municipal Code of Chicago, to hold meetings (other than the required regularly scheduled monthly meetings) by audio or video conference, without the physical presence of the members, subject to specified conditions.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 5 ILCS 120/1, 5 ILCS 120/2