Amends the Paid Leave for All Workers Act. Provides that the definition of "employee" does not include: (1) an employee who is employed by an institution of higher education (i) for less than 2 consecutive calendar quarters during a calendar year and who does not have a reasonable expectation that he or she will be rehired by the same employer of the same service in a subsequent calendar year or (ii) as a temporary appointment as described in the State Universities Civil Service Act; (2) higher education faculty and instructors who have teaching, research, and extension faculty contracts or appointments of less than 12 consecutive months of the year; or (3) an employee employed by a public community college or other public institution of higher education in the State of Illinois whose position is covered by a bona fide collective bargaining agreement. Provides that the definition of "employer" does not include laboratory schools as defined in the School Code. Makes conforming changes. Effective January 1, 2024.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 820 ILCS 192/10, 820 ILCS 192/15