Amends the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act. Defines terms. Provides factors for determining whether a good faith effort has been made for purposes of granting a waiver under the Act. Provides for a uniform standard of contract goals for State agencies, public institutions of higher education, and other departments. Specifies further requirements concerning uniform contract goals. Provides that the terms of every contract entered into by a State agency or public institution of higher education for purposes of the Act shall include a provision requiring vendors who fail to comply with a utilization plan to return all funds paid to that vendor with an expectation of compliance. Provides that the Business Enterprise Council may (rather than shall) grant a waiver under specified circumstances. Provides criteria for granting a waiver. Makes conforming changes.
House Floor Amendment No. 1: Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Reinserts provisions of the introduced bill with changes. Changes reference to "penalty" to "damages" in provision concerning the Council's enforcement procedures and a provision concerning remedies or sanctions for vendors failing to make good faith efforts to meet contract goals. Makes other technical changes.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 30 ILCS 575/2, 30 ILCS 575/3, 30 ILCS 575/5, 30 ILCS 575/7, 30 ILCS 575/8
Engrossed: 30 ILCS 575/2, 30 ILCS 575/3, 30 ILCS 575/5, 30 ILCS 575/7, 30 ILCS 575/8