Amends the Nursing Home Care Act. Provides that residents shall have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect for their individuality by employees or persons providing medical services or care, and shall have their human and civil rights maintained in all aspects of medical care. Provides that all applicable rights under the Medical Patient Rights Act apply to residents under the Act. Provides that residents shall not perform labor or services for a facility unless those activities are included for therapeutic purposes and appropriately goal-related in the resident's individual medical record. Provides that every acute care inpatient facility, community-based residential program, and facility employing more than 2 people that provide outpatient mental health services shall have a written internal grievance procedure that, at a minimum: (1) sets forth the process to be followed; (2) specifies time limits, including time limits for facility response; (3) provides for the patient to have the assistance of an advocate; (4) requires a written response to written grievances; and (5) provides for a timely decision by an impartial decision maker if the grievance is not otherwise resolved. Makes other changes.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 210 ILCS 45/2
Engrossed: 210 ILCS 45/2, 210 ILCS 45/3
Enrolled: 210 ILCS 45/2, 210 ILCS 45/3
Public Act: 210 ILCS 45/2, 210 ILCS 45/3