Amends the Bill of Rights for Children. Provides that every child reported to the Department of Children and Family Services or law enforcement to be a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse whose case is accepted by either agency for investigation has the right to have that child's forensic interview conducted by a forensic interviewer from a children's advocacy center accredited according to the Children's Advocacy Center Act and serving the child's area, when such service is available. Amends the Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act. Provides that the office of the State's Attorney shall consult with the crime victim regarding the State's Attorney's decision not to charge an offense and that the victim has the right to have an attorney, advocate, and other support person of the victim's choice attend this consultation with them. Provides that the office of the State's Attorney shall give the crime victim timely notice of any decision not to pursue charges and consider the safety of the victim when deciding how to give such notice. Grants a victim a private civil cause of action for injunctive, declaratory, or mandamus relief when certain officials or agencies willfully or wantonly violate a victim's right or rights and the officials or agencies do not correct their actions and afford the right or rights to the victim when given written notice and reasonable time to comply. Makes other changes.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 725 ILCS 115/3, 725 ILCS 120/4, 725 ILCS 120/7, 725 ILCS 120/9