RS30462 / S1125
This bill proposes to update Idaho code on "Open Enrollment" so that families can more easily send their
children to the public school that works best for them. This is the first comprehensive update to the law in
30 years. Current law allows local school districts to opt out of Open Enrollment altogether, allows districts
to charge parents tuition when their child enrolls from other districts, and does not provide parents flexibility.
Many school districts have modern Open Enrollment policies reflective of the new era of student mobility,
simple transfer of data and up-to-date reporting. However, the law has not kept up with current practices and is
outdated. This bill modernizes the law to reflect best practices around the state and give parents more choice.
There is no impact to the general fund. Local school districts are able to transfer funds or get state support as
needed to account for student movement. This bill does not change that.
Senator Lori Den Hartog
(208) 332-1340
Senator Ben Toews
(208) 332-1322
DISCLAIMER: This statement of purpose and fiscal note are a mere attachment to this bill and prepared by a proponent
of the bill. It is neither intended as an expression of legislative intent nor intended for any use outside of the legislative
process, including judicial review (Joint Rule 18).
Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note Bill SOP/FN INTRODUCED: 02/27/2023, 9:53 AM

Statutes affected:
Bill Text: 33-1402, 33-1403, 33-1404, 33-1405, 33-1406