RS30291 / S1065
This legislation provides an alternative way for owners of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to pay the
additional registration fees based on actual miles traveled. Currently, electric vehicles are charged the base
registration fee of $45-69 (based on the age of the vehicle) plus an additional $140 in acknowledgement that an
electric vehicle does not pay gas tax; and plug-in hybrid vehicles are charged the same base registration fee of
$45-69 plus an additional fee of $75. This legislation institutes an optional road usage charge of $.01/mile that
would replace the additional fee of either $140 for electric vehicles or $75 for plug-in hybrid vehicles, capped
at the additional fee rate. Vehicle owners would opt-in to a program that would be managed by a contractor
that would allow for the collection of information related to cumulative miles traveled.
There is minimal anticipated impact to the state highway fund. Currently there are 5,394 electric vehicles
and 2,032 plug-in hybrid vehicles registered in Idaho, and not all are anticipated to join the opt-in fee per
mile program. These two categories of vehicles represent approximately 170.45% of the passenger vehicles
registered in Idaho. There will be a cost for the contractor or vendor to administer the opt-in mileage tracking
program. This contract cost would be paid for through the dedicated funds of the Idaho Transportation
Department. There is no impact to the state general fund because registration fees go in to the state highway
Senator Lori Den Hartog
(208) 332-1340
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Statutes affected:
Bill Text: 49-457