RS29157 / H0446
The Idaho Board of Pharmacy administers the regulatory provisions of the state's Uniform Controlled
Substances Act. This legislation amends the definitions of “marijuana” and “tetrahydrocannabinols” under the
state’s Uniform Controlled Substance Act to exclude nabiximols in a drug product form approved by the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA). Nabiximols is an oromucosal spray derived from marijuana and is being
studied in multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological disorders. Nabiximols is currently undergoing the
FDA approval process. Upon passage of this legislation, nabiximols will become available for prescription
only after approval by the FDA and scheduling as a controlled substance by the federal Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA). Once approved by the FDA and scheduled by the DEA, nabiximols may be dispensed
at a registered drug outlet upon receipt of a valid prescription of order from a licensed prescriber.
This legislation will have no impact on the state’s General fund or any dedicated fund or federal fund because
adding, removing, or rescheduling products to the Controlled Substances Act does not create any new state
program and does not compel any state action.
Representative Fred Wood
(208) 332-1000
Senator Fred Martin
(208) 332-1000
Liz Hatter
Veritas Advisors
(208) 385-7070
DISCLAIMER: This statement of purpose and fiscal note are a mere attachment to this bill and prepared by a proponent
of the bill. It is neither intended as an expression of legislative intent nor intended for any use outside of the legislative
process, including judicial review (Joint Rule 18).
Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note Bill SOP/FN INTRODUCED: 01/18/2022, 10:11 AM

Statutes affected:
Bill Text: 37-2701, 37-2705