RS28367C1 / H0175
This legislation would help ensure that Idaho’s constitutional mandate to provide a thorough education is met by
providing students with access to in-person instruction where safety requirements can be developed at the local
level. Research shows that most students, particularly those with special needs and elementary students, learn
best when in person, in a structured setting. School districts should attempt, to the greatest extent practical, to
provide in-person instruction to any student whose needs would best be met in that manner.
There is no fiscal impact to this legislation.
Sherri Ybarra, Superintendent
State Department of Education
(208) 332-1000
Marilyn Whitney, Deputy Superintendent
State Department of Education
(208) 332-1000
DISCLAIMER: This statement of purpose and fiscal note are a mere attachment to this bill and prepared by a proponent
of the bill. It is neither intended as an expression of legislative intent nor intended for any use outside of the legislative
process, including judicial review (Joint Rule 18).
Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note Bill SOP/FN INTRODUCED: 02/15/2021, 10:37 AM

Statutes affected:
Bill Text: 33-1612