RS27778 / S1364
The purpose of this legislation is to create a new category liquor license for hotels of a certain size in Idaho
under Section 23-958, Idaho Code. The act sets an annual fee for the license based on population of the county
where the hotel is located. In order to qualify for the new category liquor license, hotels must meet a certain set
of criteria that include: the hotel must have a minimum of 75 rooms, have a minimum of 1,500 square feet of
dedicated meeting space, and have a commercial kitchen with type 1 commercial hood and cooking equipment,
exclusive of microwave ovens and grills. Licenses issued under this act shall be used for the purpose of catering
events on the hotel premises and shall permit the hotel to sell liquor by the drink through in-room minibars and
room service. The act also permits the hotel to sell liquor by the drink to patrons to take to their guest rooms.
The act would permit the hotel to sell liquor by the drink in a wholly-owned lounge in the lobby of the hotel,
but no license issued under this act shall be deemed or used as a license issued to a restaurant under section
23-946, Idaho Code. Licenses issues under this act are non-transferable away from the hotel property.
There should be no significant impact to the General Fund as license fees should pay for administration of the
act. There should be no new costs to local units of government.
Senator Chuck Winder
(208) 332-1305
Jason Kreizenbeck
Lobby Idaho, LLC
(208) 342-0777
DISCLAIMER: This statement of purpose and fiscal note are a mere attachment to this bill and prepared by a proponent
of the bill. It is neither intended as an expression of legislative intent nor intended for any use outside of the legislative
process, including judicial review (Joint Rule 18).
Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note Bill SOP/FN INTRODUCED: 02/26/2020, 10:23 AM

Statutes affected:
Bill Text: 23-904, 23-944, 23-943