RS27313 / S1227
This is one of a series of bills the Supreme Court has recommended in its annual report to the Governor
concerning defects or omissions in the laws, as required by article V, section 25 of the Idaho Constitution. The
current form of I.C. § 16-1505 sets notice, objection, and hearing time frames at twenty (20) days in adoption
cases. In order to reduce confusion to those affected by procedural time frames, the courts strive to establish
time periods computed only on seven (7) day increments. Thus, to bring adoption proceedings in line with the
courts' efforts to reduce confusion, the twenty (20) day time frames in I.C. § 16-1505 should be changed to
twenty-one (21) days.
This proposed amendment will have no fiscal impact upon the General Fund, any other state fund, or local
governments. Since the proposed amendment only seeks to modify certain procedural deadlines by a single
day in a specific type of judicial proceeding, it is projected this proposed amendment will cause neither an
increase nor decrease in existing or future appropriations or revenues.
Jason Spillman
(208) 334-2246
DISCLAIMER: This statement of purpose and fiscal note are a mere attachment to this bill and prepared by a proponent
of the bill. It is neither intended as an expression of legislative intent nor intended for any use outside of the legislative
process, including judicial review (Joint Rule 18).
Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note Bill SOP/FN INTRODUCED: 01/15/2020, 8:36 AM

Statutes affected:
Bill Text: 16-1505