2022 Legislature SB 2524, 1st Engrossed

2 An act relating to education; amending s. 435.02,
3 F.S.; revising the definition of the term “specified
4 agency”; amending s. 435.12, F.S.; requiring certain
5 employees to submit to rescreening on a specified
6 schedule; amending s. 464.0195, F.S.; revising the
7 goals of the Florida Center for Nursing; amending s.
8 800.101, F.S.; providing criminal penalties for
9 certain actions relating to specified reports;
10 amending ss. 943.0585 and 943.059, F.S.; prohibiting
11 certain persons from denying criminal history records
12 that have been expunged or sealed; amending s.
13 1001.51, F.S.; requiring certain records and reports
14 to include certain determinations relating to
15 withholding certain information from a parent;
16 requiring such determinations to be annually reviewed
17 and redetermined; amending s. 1001.92, F.S.; revising
18 a certain performance-based metric for state
19 university performance funding; providing that a state
20 university is ineligible to receive performance
21 funding under certain circumstances; designating who
22 may provide a substantiated finding; amending s.
23 1002.31, F.S.; deleting obsolete language; revising
24 the requirements for school district and charter
25 school capacity determinations; providing requirements
26 for the determination of capacity for certain virtual
27 schools; revising requirements for a certain district
28 school board process required for controlled open
29 enrollment; amending s. 1002.33, F.S.; providing for a
30 standard virtual charter contract and standard virtual
31 charter renewal contract; revising charter
32 requirements; requiring virtual charter schools to
33 comply with specified provisions; amending s.
34 1002.394, F.S.; revising Department of Education
35 duties under the Family Empowerment Scholarship
36 Program; revising requirements for a specified
37 calculation; revising the scholarship amount for
38 students enrolled in certain public schools or lab
39 schools; revising terminology; revising the number of
40 scholarships that may be awarded through the program;
41 amending s. 1002.395, F.S.; revising duties of the
42 department under the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship
43 Program; authorizing administrative expenses to
44 include certain contracts and strategies relating to
45 the transportation of students; revising the
46 scholarship amount for students enrolled in certain
47 public schools or lab schools; amending s. 1002.40,
48 F.S.; revising department duties under the Hope
49 Scholarship Program; amending s. 1002.411, F.S.;
50 renaming the “reading scholarship accounts” as the
51 “New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts”; revising
52 student eligibility requirements for reading
53 scholarship accounts; providing that a school district
54 may not prohibit instructional personnel from
55 providing services during specified time periods;
56 amending s. 1002.421, F.S.; revising background
57 screening requirements for certain private schools;
58 amending s. 1002.45, F.S.; revising and providing
59 definitions; authorizing students who reside in the
60 school district, rather than students enrolled in the
61 school district, to participate in school district
62 virtual instruction programs; deleting the purpose of
63 specified programs; requiring each virtual instruction
64 program, rather than full-time programs, to operate
65 under its own Master School Identification Number;
66 authorizing certain service organizations to execute
67 specified contractual arrangements; revising school
68 district responsibilities; requiring the State Board
69 of Education to approve certain virtual instruction
70 program providers; revising the requirements for
71 approval of a virtual instruction program provider;
72 providing additional requirements for school district
73 contracts with approved virtual instruction program
74 providers; revising the requirements for calculating
75 student funding for students enrolled in certain
76 virtual education programs; requiring approved virtual
77 instruction program providers to receive a district
78 grade; providing requirements for such grade; revising
79 requirements for the automatic termination of an
80 approved virtual instruction provider’s contract;
81 requiring the State Board of Education to adopt rules
82 for a specified standard contract; amending s.
83 1002.455, F.S.; revising the virtual instruction
84 options available to certain students; requiring
85 school districts enrolling certain students in virtual
86 education programs to comply with specified enrollment
87 requirements; amending s. 1002.81, F.S.; conforming a
88 cross-reference; amending s. 1002.82, F.S.; requiring
89 the department to establish procedures for the annual
90 calculation of the prevailing market rate and the
91 collection of certain data; conforming cross
92 references; amending s. 1002.84, F.S.; establishing
93 the distribution methodology that early learning
94 coalitions must use to distribute school readiness
95 program funds to eligible providers; providing
96 requirements for early learning coalitions; amending
97 s. 1002.85, F.S.; revising the requirements for the
98 school readiness program plan submitted to the
99 department by early learning coalitions; amending s.
100 1002.87, F.S.; conforming a cross-reference; amending
101 s. 1002.89, F.S.; providing for the determination of
102 school readiness program funding for early learning
103 coalitions; providing requirements for such funding
104 calculations; making technical changes; amending s.
105 1002.895, F.S.; providing for the determination of the
106 market rate schedule for the school readiness program;
107 requiring the department to establish procedures for
108 the annual collection of specified data; requiring the
109 department to provide certain data to the Early
110 Learning Programs Estimating Conference; creating s.
111 1002.90, F.S.; requiring the principals of the
112 conference to annually develop official cost-of-care
113 information; providing requirements for conference
114 principals; requiring the department to provide
115 conference principals with specified data; requiring
116 the conference to annually provide the official cost
117 of-care information to the Legislature by a specified
118 date; amending s. 1002.92, F.S.; requiring certain
119 child care facilities to annually provide specified
120 data to the statewide child care and resource and
121 referral network; amending s. 1002.995, F.S.;
122 requiring the department to provide incentives to
123 certain early learning personnel and instructors,
124 subject to appropriation; amending s. 1003.485, F.S.;
125 defining the term “micro-credential”; providing the
126 purpose and contents of the of the New Worlds Reading
127 Initiative; revising the responsibilities of the
128 administrator of the initiative; requiring that
129 students be provided with specified options upon
130 enrollment; conforming cross-references; amending s.
131 1003.498, F.S.; providing requirements for funding for
132 certain virtual courses; amending s. 1003.52, F.S.;
133 revising requirements for the funding of certain
134 students in juvenile justice education programs;
135 amending s. 1003.621, F.S.; conforming a cross
136 reference; amending s. 1004.015, F.S.; revising Board
137 of Governors and State Board of Education duties in
138 support of the Florida Talent Development Council;
139 amending s. 1004.04, F.S.; revising teacher
140 preparation program core curricula requirements;
141 revising criteria for continued program approval;
142 authorizing the State Board of Education to adopt
143 rules that include certain criteria and authorize
144 continued program approval; requiring that the rules
145 establish certain continued program approval criteria;
146 revising specified requirements relating to field
147 experiences; creating s. 1004.6496, F.S.; authorizing
148 the University of Florida Board of Trustees to use
149 specified funds to establish the Hamilton Center for
150 Classical and Civic Education within the university;
151 providing the purpose for the center; establishing
152 goals for the center; amending s. 1004.85, F.S.;
153 revising teacher preparation program core curricula
154 requirements; requiring certain program candidates to
155 complete a minimum period of field experience, as
156 determined by the State Board of Education; revising
157 criteria for continued program approval; authorizing
158 the State Board of Education to adopt rules that
159 include certain criteria and authorize continued
160 program approval; requiring the State Board of
161 Education to adopt rules that establish certain
162 continued program approval criteria; amending s.
163 1006.12, F.S.; conforming cross-references; amending
164 s. 1006.22, F.S.; revising the requirements for the
165 use of motor vehicles other than school buses for the
166 transportation of students; amending s. 1006.27, F.S.;
167 creating the Driving Choice Grant Program within the
168 department for specified purposes relating to the
169 transportation of certain students; providing
170 requirements for the program; requiring the department
171 to publish on its website an interim and final report
172 by specified dates; providing requirements for such
173 reports; amending s. 1006.73, F.S.; requiring the
174 Florida Postsecondary Academic Library Network to
175 provide specified support for certain open education
176 resources; establishing the Student Open Access
177 Resource Repository and the Student Open Access
178 Resource Grant Program; defining the term “open access
179 resource”; requiring the chancellors of the State
180 University System and the Florida College System to
181 collaborate and take the lead in identifying and
182 developing processes to coordinate and support the
183 adaptation or development of open educational
184 resources; requiring the network to support the
185 adaptation or development of open educational
186 resources teams; providing requirements for such teams
187 and the network; providing requirements for the
188 Student Open Access Resources Repository; authorizing
189 the Florida Postsecondary Academic Library Network to
190 award certain grants, subject to appropriation;
191 providing requirements for the administration of and
192 participation in the Student Open Access Resource
193 Grant Program; requiring Florida College Systems and
194 state universities to post courses that utilize open
195 education resources and have zero textbook costs on
196 their course registration systems and websites within
197 a specified timeframe; providing requirements for
198 posting such courses; authorizing a certain Zero
199 Textbook Cost Indicator to be used for such purpose;
200 revising reporting requirements for the host entity of
201 the network; requiring the Board of Governors and the
202 department to include certain funding increases in
203 their annual legislative budget requests; amending s.
204 1007.271, F.S.; requiring instructional materials to
205 be made available to all dual enrollment students free
206 of charge; creating s. 1007.36, F.S.; creating the
207 Inclusive Transition and Employment Management Program
208 within the department; providing the purpose of the
209 program; amending s. 1008.33, F.S.; making technical
210 changes; requiring a school district to take specified
211 actions for a school that earns an initial school
212 grade of “D”; revising the options available to a
213 school district that must implement a turnaround plan
214 for a school; authorizing a school district to submit
215 a turnaround plan for a school that has earned an
216 initial school grade of “D”; revising the options
217 available to a school district with a school that
218 implemented a turnaround plan and did not improve its
219 school grade; amending s. 1008.34, F.S.; requiring the
220 State Board of Education to annually review the
221 percentage of schools earning certain school grades
222 and determine if the school grading scale must be
223 adjusted; providing requirements for such adjustments;
224 requiring the state board to provide specified
225 information to the public; requiring the department to
226 annually, for certain years, collect certain data
227 relating to statewide and district-required
228 assessments and coordinated screening and progress
229 monitoring; providing reporting requirements relating
230 to the collection of such data; amending s. 1009.26,
231 F.S.; deleting obsolete language; requiring the Board
232 of Governors to establish two Programs of Strategic
233 Emphasis in a specified category; amending s. 1009.30,
234 F.S.; revising the criteria for reimbursement of
235 eligible postsecondary institutions for tuition and
236 related instructional materials costs for dual
237 enrollment courses; revising participating institution
238 reporting requirements under the program; requiring
239 the department to reimburse each participating
240 institution within a specified timeframe; amending s.
241 1009.89, F.S.; requiring eligible institutions in the
242 William L. Boyd, IV, Effective Access to Student
243 Education Grant Program to post certain information on
244 their websites; amending s. 1009.895, F.S.; revising
245 the definition of the term “institution”; deleting the
246 eligibility requirement that students complete the
247 Free Application for Federal Student Aid; authorizing
248 institutions to cover certain costs for students in
249 the program; creating s. 1009.896, F.S.; providing a
250 short title; providing legislative intent;
251 establishing the Linking Industry to Nursing Education
252 (LINE) Fund for specified purposes; providing
253 definitions; requiring the fund to be administered by
254 the Board of Governors and the department; providing
255 for the matching of specified funds, subject to
256 available funds, for institutions with an approved
257 proposal; providing requirements for the use of
258 program funds, proposal requirements, for the review
259 of such proposal, and for participation in the
260 program; providing annual reporting requirements;
261 requiring the Board of Governors to adopt specified
262 regulations and the State Board of Education to adopt
263 specified rules; creating s. 1009.897, F.S.; creating
264 a Prepping Institutions, Programs, Employers, and
265 Learners through Incentives for Nursing Education
266 (PIPELINE) Fund for specified purposes; defining the
267 term “institution”; providing for allocations of
268 performance-based funding to institutions, subject to
269 appropriation; providing metrics for the award of such
270 funding; requiring the Board of Governors to adopt
271 regulations and the State Board of Education to adopt
272 rules; amending s. 1010.20, F.S.; revising the
273 percentage of certain funds school districts must
274 spend on juvenile justice programs; amending s.
275 1011.48, F.S.; revising requirements for certain fees
276 charged by an educational research center for child
277 development; amending s. 1011.62, F.S.; revising the