This Act updates provisions of the code covering the Delaware Institute of Medical Education Research (DIMER), which creates partnerships with out-of-state medical schools as an alternative to creating a state sponsored medical school. Specifically, this Act does the following:
(1) Updates the name of the Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University to “Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University”;
(2) Adds the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine as a DIMER medical school;
(3) Alters and updates the composition of the DIMER Board and provides that all members will be appointed by the Governor;
(4) Clarifies that a vacant Board position is not counted for quorum purposes;
(5) Requires the Board Chair to be elected from the members of the Board, rather than appointed by the Chair of the Delaware Health Care Commission;
(6) Requires the Board to select candidates for the Chair and Vice Chair from a nominating committee determined by the Board; and
(7) Provides that the Board Chair and Vice Chair shall serve no more than 3 consecutive terms.

Statutes affected:
Original Text: 16.9905, 16.9906, 16.9907, 16.9908, 16.9903
Final/Engrossed: 16.9905, 16.9906, 16.9907, 16.9908, 16.9903