This bill enables the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission to regulate the application of nutrients to turf by commercial nutrient handlers. The law excludes athletic fields, golf courses, and land used in the production for sale of sod or seed and only applies to commercial nutrient handlers who are paid to apply such nutrients. This bill decreases the threshold of serviced acreage for which commercial nutrient handlers would need a certification to apply nutrients to turf. Allowing the Commission to oversee such conduct will further ensure that Delaware’s waterways are continually improved and maintained to meet or exceed federally mandated water quality standards, in the interest of the overall public welfare.
Section 1 of the bill grants the Commission the authority to regulate the application of nutrients to turf and defines turf.
Section 2 of the bill broadens the Commission’s pool of potential officers to any appointed member not just the five appointed by the Governor.
Section 3 of the bill provides greater detail as to whom the Commission regulates regarding turf and when, as well as setting forth constraints as to when and how certain nutrients can be applied. The commission will reduce the threshold for regulated commercial nutrient handlers from 10 acres of service area to ¼ acre (10,890 sq ft). The definition of commercial nutrient handler is expanded. The requirement of a nutrient management plan is eliminated for areas falling within these newly established constraints.
This bill also makes technical corrections to conform existing law to the standards of the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual.