This Act amends the Fiscal Year 2023 Bond and Capital Improvements Act to (1) authorize the use of School Safety and Security Funds for school extracurricular activities; (2) authorize local funding to support Enhanced Minor Capital Improvements and the remediation of lead contaminated drinking water infrastructures; (3) adjust the procurement thresholds for the issuance of formal bids or RFPs; (4) authorize the Department of Transportation to use Community Transportation Funds for one-time reimbursements for various projects; (5) make changes to the Criminal Legal System Imposed Debt Study Group; (6) authorize the Department of Transportation Reprogramming Transfer; (7) authorize funding to complete the facility drainage project of Absalom Jones Performing Arts Center; (8) authorize the donation of the Division of Communications Shelter to the University of Delaware; (9) authorize the use of funding until the new Troop 6 facility is complete and available for occupancy; (10) allow New Castle County Vocational School District to proceed with construction of new athletic fields; (11) authorize the use of Irrigation System Conversion funds to reimburse a new poultry house demolition assistance program; (12) clarify the calculation of 3% limit of GF net revenue estimate for finance capital projects is applied to revenues identified in the revenue resolution for the fiscal year of the budget being adopted; (13) authorize Fort DuPont Redevelopment and Preservation Corporation to use funds for capital projects; (14) authorize Municipal Infrastructure Funds to be used for the North Bayshore Drainage Improvements; (15) authorize the Office of Management and Budget to engage in a pilot program to include Community Workforce Agreements; (16) authorize the Department of Transportation to engage in a Community Workforce Agreement for no more than two large public works projects; and (17) require a report from the Office of Management and Budget regarding State Facilities Market Pressure.