This Act repeals § 2117, Title 31, which relates to an individual who, by reason of loss or impairment of eyesight or hearing, has a right to be accompanied by a “seeing eye dog,” also known as a “guide dog,” in public conveyances; hotels; lodging places; all places of accommodation, amusement, or resort; and other places to which the general public is invited. This Act is a result of the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee’s review of the Division for the Visually Impaired, and furthers the goal of modernizing Chapter 21, Title 31.
Section 2117 is antiquated and no longer appropriate to include in Chapter 21, Title 31. The rights of an individual who is accompanied by a service dog are adequately and more appropriately protected through Chapter 45, Title 6 (Equal Accommodations), Chapter 95, Title 16 (Delaware White Cane Law); and § 1917, Title 2 (Transportation Networks – No discrimination; accessibility).

Statutes affected:
Original Text: 31.2117
Session Law: 31.2117