May 6, 2024
The Honorable Phil Mendelson
Council of the District of Columbia
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 504
Washington, DC 20004
Dear Chairman Mendelson:
In accordance with section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2-
142; D.C. Official Code § 1-523.01), and pursuant to section 305 of the Office of Asian and Pacific
Islander Affairs Establishment Act of 2001, effective October 3, 2001 (D.C. Law 14-28; D.C. Official
Code § 2-1374), I am pleased to nominate the following individual:
Dr. Halaevalu Vakalahi
E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
(Ward 2)
for appointment as a public voting member of the Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander
Community Development, filing a vacant seat, for a term to end April 17, 2025.
Enclosed, you will find biographical information detailing the experience of the above-mentioned
nominee, together with a proposed resolution to assist the Council during the confirmation process.
I would appreciate the Council’s earliest consideration of this nomination for confirmation. Please
do not hesitate to contact me, or Steven Walker, Director, Mayor’s Office of Talent and
Appointments, should the Council require additional information.
Muriel Bowser
Chairman Phil Mendelson
3 at the request of the Mayor
15 To confirm the appointment ofHalaevalu Vakalahi to the Commission on Asian and Pacific
16 Islander Community Development.
19 resolution may be cited as the "Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Community
20 Development Halaevalu Vakalahi Confirmation Resolution of 2024".
21 Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the appointment of:
23 Dr. Halaevalu Vakalahi
24 E Street, NW
25 Washington, DC 20004
26 (Ward 2)
28 as a public voting member of the Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Community
29 Development, established by section 305 of the Office of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
30 Establishment Act of 2001, effective October 3, 2001 (D.C. Law 14-28; D.C. Official Code§ 2-
31 1374), filing a vacant seat, for a term to end April 17, 2025.
32 Sec. 3. The Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution,
33 upon its adoption, to the nominee and to the Office of the Mayor.
34 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately.
Halaevalu F. Ofahengaue Vakalahi, MSW, M.Ed., Ph.D.
President and CEO, 2023 to present – Council on Social Work Education, Alexandria, VA
Dean and Professor, 2018 to 2023 – Hawai’i Pacific University, College of Health and Society,
Honolulu, HI 96813. School of Social Work, Department of Public Health, Department of
Nursing, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program, and
Physician Assistant Program.
Associate Dean and Professor, 2014 to 2018; Associate Dean and Associate Professor, July
2012 to 2014 – Morgan State University, School of Social Work, Baltimore, MD 21251.
Director of Master’s Social Work Program and Associate Professor, February 2007 to June
2012 – George Mason University, Department of Social Work, Fairfax, VA 22030.
Accreditation Specialist, January 2005 to January 2007 – Council on Social Work Education,
Office of Social Work Accreditation and Educational Excellence, Alexandria, VA 22314.
Coordinator of Baccalaureate Social Work Program and Lecturer, August 2003 to
December 2004 – San Francisco State University, School of Social Work, San Francisco, CA
Department Chair and Assistant Professor, August 2001 to July 2003 – Brigham Young
University-Hawaii, Department of Social Work, Laie, HI 96762.
Assistant Professor, July 1999 to July 2001 – New Mexico State University, School of Social
Work, Las Cruces, NM 88003.
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