MURIEL BOWSER MAYOR November 15, 2022 The Honorable Phil Mendelson Chairman Council of the District ofColumbia John A. Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 504 Washington, DC 20004 Dear Chairman Mendelson: In accordance with section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2- 142; D.C. Official Code 1-523.01), and pursuant to section 202ofthe District of Columbia Health Occupations Revision Act of 1985, effective March 25, 1986 (D.C. Law 6-99; D.C. Official Code 3- 1202.02), I am pleased to nominate the following person: Ms. Njeri Jarvis Texas Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20020 (Ward 7) for reappointment asalicensed dietitian in the District member ofthe BoardofDietetics and Nutrition, for a term to end March 12, 2025. Enclosed you will find biographical information detailing the experience of the above-mentioned nominee, together with a proposed resolution to assist the Council during the confirmation process. I would appreciate the Council's earliest consideration of this nomination for confirmation, Please do not hesitate to contact me, or Steven Walker, Director, Mayors Office of Talent and Appointments, should the Council require additional information. Sincggely, rig) ser De Dre Chairman Phil Mendelson at the request of the Mayor A PROPOSED RESOLUTION IN THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. To confirm the reappointment of Njeri Jarvis to the Board of Dietetics and Nutrition. RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, That this resolution may be cited as the Board of Dietetics and Nutrition Njeri Jarvis Confirmation Resolution of 2022. Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the reappointment of: Ms, Njeri Jarvis Texas Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20020 (Ward 7) asa licensed dietitian in the District memberofthe Board of Dietetics and Nutrition, pursuant to section 202 of the District of Columbia Health Occupations Revisions Act of 1985, effective 29 March 25, 1986 (D.C. Law 6-99; D.C. Official Code 3-1202.02), fora term to end March 12, 30 2025. 31 Sec. 3. The Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution, 32 upon its adoption, to the nominee and to the Office of the Mayor. 33 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately. Njeri Kai Jarvis ZEEE Bo lang Professional Summary: |am a ctiven, relabe, sol-motivated, etal vented, Registered Diottlan Nutitionist and Herbalit dedicated to the idea of using foodand herbsasmedicine for health. 1 haveextensive experience inthe iedof nutiion and herbal education, working wall cllaboratively and Independently. managing projects and respecting doadines. My dogree in Medicinal Horbs and Internship, researching and writing for the American Herbal Pharmacopeia under the supervisionof is director, Roy Upton, allowsmeto Cetically evaluate pharmacological and historical research and its clinical relevance. | can translate the scence of ution and herbs from theory to practice in practical and fun ways. | am proficient with computers, regulary using Microsoft sute, GoogleDocs and software forvital mocting, video and. sound recording, as well astemplate web design understand OSHEAfor supplements and GMP forHerbal products and have practical working knowledge of processing plant material into herbal products ready fordistr bution. Ihave a strong affity forherbal agicutre and its promotion and am comforiable presenting educational material in numerous formats fora varity of audiences. | enjoy the roleof educator and engaging people on the topics of mutton, hers, heath and welness. Ihave aBachelor of SclncoIn Nuttion and Dietatics with amor in dance, a Graduate Cerificate In Cinical Medial Herbalism, andaddtional graduate studies in sustainatle agriculture and food systems. Ihave aMaster ofSconceIn Herbal Medicine withan areaof concentration on Product Design. managethe Culnary Demonstration Kitchen at Fresenius Medical Care North Amarica, Chilum, DC'sjoint venture cine. |developedtho curiculum. education andcommunicationtools forthe emonstraton Kitchen, designing the menu, producing the newsletter, adapting the recs, procuring the food and equipment and conducting the bimonthly food demonstration. In ths potion, |encourage individuals totake increased respons billy for ther health behaviors by featuring herbs. foods and Westyle strateges that open thedoor to usher in health and wallness. | have a strong foundation in product management, product marketing and sales, creatingproductconcepts, marketing strategies and website and funnel design.| have experience training teams on products and presenting to C-Suite level teams. Professional Experience Vice President of Sales and Marketing Corporate Welness May 10, 2021 -Present Washington, OC /Pennsyvaria Functional Nuition and Wellness thought leader and Industry subject matterexpertin wel-being and population health management Provide consitave supportosales partners and clonts on Utopia WellCae's go to market wolness solutions. Lead the sales team in new business opportunities andextemal speaking engagements, championing Utopia WelCare's presenceas aleader in wel-being and support sales partners tohelp cents buld a cuiture of well-being. General Responsibilities: + Product Designer and Manager/ Product Marketing Manager / Sales Lead -Utopia Wel(Care's Health in 6 Sessions Corporate Welness Progam + Leadthe market resource forour sales toam supporting lntemal and extemal speaking engagements: Sales presentations, conferences, videso, webinars, welness councils. requests for proposals. community intatives, applicable + Lead the patientengagement education iniatves that involveweeklyeducation, seasonalstrategy guides,contentmarketing campaigns, surveys, analytics reports Support the acquisition of newbusiness,by educatng distrbuton partners(brokers/consultants) regarding Utopia WellCare's wellbeing strategy and approach. + Lead organizational assessment conversations and other wellbeing subject matter expertise conversations with extemal clonts Create and reviews wellbeing strategiesfor targeted cients. Developed theNuttionand Wellness program, curiculumand marketing packaging. Reinforce leaming on strategy development, tools andotherwelness solution related topics with intemal and extemal partners. Mentor and coach team members as wel as lead onboarding / traning of newhis, as applicable ProvideCinical nutrion servicesvia on on one consultation for patients via teleheatt, vital and on ste means. Perform other elated duties as assigned Teladoc Telehealth Registered Dietitian Apt 2020 - uly 2021 Washington, DC/ National Provided vitual electronic heath record assessment, counseling and. documentation with use ofthe nulton care process, standardized terminology and appropriate fons. Provided evidence based medical nutrtion therapy created customized nutition treatment care plans. Provided nutition counseling and education to optimize nuttional status, sreening for chronic disease risk assessment when indicated. Actively remained abreast of the latest nutrion research, integrating new findings into plans and nutrtional services. Responsbilties and Duties Provided nutton advice in accordancewithcompany guidelines,state and federal laws and regulations Developed nutrition plans and implement interventions based on knowedge of patient's curent health status and goals Continued to implement personalized and goal appropiate nuttonstrategieswthpatent folow-ups and communication with Physicians and other health care providers as neoded. Di Fresenius Medical Care Chilum OC - Fulime Washington, DC October 2016 -Apri 2021 DaVitaHealth Care Ine. -Union Plaza Washington, DCOctober2014 ~ 2016 Nercy Medial Conor Batinre Baltimore, MO Septr2007 Oct 2014 Founded, Operated andManaged theHomeTherapyfooddemonstration kitchen, developing curiculumand themonthly newsletter as well ashosting wellnessfood therapy culinary eventsthatfocus on Food asMedicine. Hied with Fresenius Medical Care's Chilum DC's jointventureclinic to run the nution component of the medical practice for Hemo =4.0 from38% meeting goalup o 50% meeting goalandachieved and maintain Abumins >=3.5 consistently >=84% meeting oat yuo ARES appl poo ot one montycoat tnleioa fnetforalnovldon andharbl Geranies. Crested ofgial eacaton maar ery fact)ondrowed somple renal riondlyfood based herbs that can be incorporated into daly routines to help assist Gl health. Preparedsample spice blonds bags gleamed fromDiettian Connection web site utiizing antiinflammatory spices that could be used on poulty, fish, meat and more. Sample bags were provided to patients for home use and a food demonstration in house was conducted forin center sample. + Contributedoriginalnutritioneducationmaterialstothe Bay Cty Lights Region6 Albumin Binder frthe kick-off push to improve overall albumin outcomes throughout the vilage and within Bay Git Lights + ImprovedAlbumin oneofthe mainmarkersformortality and morbidity) outcomes atthe DaVita Union Plaza clinic from 82% at start date in October 2014 to 95% meeting the goal by March 2018. Servedas the Point Person for UnionPlaza'sforthe Mi Atlantic Renal Coaltions (MARCS) Five Diamond Training Present aVita's CorporateInitiatives on Nutritionfor he Atlantic StarsDivisional MeetingsforDietitians(Topics:Albumin and Protein Stores; Eat Healthy: Today's Kidney Diet) + Contributed originalcontentarticleto the DaVita National Newsletter for print: Fal 2015 Integrative and Functional Nuitonist & Sales/Marketing Presenter 2019-2020 Provided Nuttion Care Manaement wth a focus onFunctionaland Integrative Nutnton for outpatient cinis specializing in: Oncology, Endoctine/Diabetes, Hormone, Cardiovascular, Aubimmune, GastroIntestinal and,Weight Manageme; Chronic Kidney Disease; Provided Jucational taks andhealthfairs, Educatedpatents abouthowtoimplement a holistic diet to helpthemregaintheir health from a multitude of problems #Individual Nutrition Counseling: Providerhigh quality one-or-onenutttion counsalingsessions using evidence based Medical Nutiton Therapy. Workto empowerskents wihpersonaizod nutition educationandcreatea pan taloredto ft their goals, needs, Westy,tkasand asik@s,Specials ofthe practice include fertltynuttion thyroid sisease, PCOS, gastrointestinal conditions andeatingdisorders. Developed and implemented nuttional strategies based on patient uniqueness/indivdual heath history. Developed educational materials to support and expand on nutitional recommendations. Responded to requests fromhealthcare providers forcurent evidenceorsafeleffecive useof integrativeand {functional nutitional therapies. Developed workshopsiclasses in regardsto nutition for specific heath issues Developed workshopsiclasses and/or ongoing programs that target health/welless topics. Presented education and food demonstrations at multiple Health Fairs. Wellversedinfunctional testing, Organic Acids Testing, Spectra CellLab test and DUTCH Testing, GIMapTesting, Cyrex food allergy testing and 2RT lab hormonal testing. + Wet Verses functional mutton, curent nutition science research, supplamentation and the nution industry, wtiiong GMP Cotiod Suppiment Dispensaries, is Stver Spring & Waldorf, MD Part Time NutflonisU Regitered Diettian sty 2015+ February 2017 AdministeredMedical Nuttition Seveloped iniarvenionalplan nd tharaoyforHoma insti ToassistBoundPatients,assessingnutitionsl needs based on agnosis and wih supportingor changing, long termBehave. . Signs (Biba: Hypertension Atroacatae Real, Cancer Coonan Taapy, Wah Management Costesteal for mustilo Hath, Dysphagia, Appetite and Intake, Supplementation, Horbal and VtaminvMineral Therapy, Ant-infigmmatory mea! planing, meal planning for wound caro visceral poten resteratin) *Peagntnd_ statacucatan: cross Daotes Maus presentation wincorcurant educa! marl fr salt patentsana * tmacprod bumertonstn Mia detwirinlatte and and AgoAtewitin's 1-2 wooks outcomes:|haveprovan quarter and improving vac cardof improv, Blood.pressure Gogo inDblas contrlwinsimiar timeframas wihmanagement at and herbal interventions. KirovAcademy of Ballet DC