MURIEL BOWSER MAYOR November 9, 2022 The Honorable Phil Mendelson Chairman Councilof the District of Columbia John A. Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 504 Washington, DC 20004 Dear Chairman Mendelson: In accordance with section 2of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2-142; D.C. Official Code 1-523.01), and pursuant to D.C. Official Code 16-1052, I am pleased to nominate the following person: Ms, Dana King 2nd Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 (Ward 5) for appointment as a community representative memberof the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, replacing Karen Barker Marcou, for a term to end July 20, 2025. Enclosed you will find biographical information detailing the experience of the above-mentioned nominee, together with a proposed resolution to assist the Council during the confirmation process. I would appreciate the Councils earliest consideration of this nomination for confirmation. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or Steven Walker, Director, Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments, should the Council require additional information. Sincerely, lureMBoWser worTaHVewne ZB Phil Mendelson at the request of the Mayor A PROPOSED RESOLUTION IN THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA To confirm the appointment of Ms. Dana King to the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board. RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, That this 7 resolution may be cited as the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board Dana King 18 Confirmation Resolution of 2022. 19 20 Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the appointment of: 21 22 Ms. Dana King 23 2nd Street, NW 24 Washington, DC 20001 (Ward 5) 26 27 as a community representative member of the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, 28 pursuant to D.C. Official Code 16-1052, replacing Karen Barker Marcou, for a term to end July 29 20, 2025. 30 Sec. 3. The Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution, 31 upon its adoption, to the nominee and to the Office of the Mayor. 32 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately. HART, Education: Bachelorof Arts | Columbia Univesity Juris DANA MIG KING Doctorate | Harvard Law School Washington D.C., USA Nationality: USA Emotionally intelligent leader able to navigate different cultural contexts m engage, align, and influence diverse stakcholles and competing agendas. Highly alept at managing and navigating politically sensitive bsues with confidentiality and independence and mobilizing human and financial sources to translate strategic priorities inw evidence-based policies and programs that deliver resuls. Grant specialist who undertakes in- depth research to identify grantees and channel appropriate suppor. People managerableto develop collaborative, diverse teams that deliver results. Native English speaker; full professional proficiency in Spanish and French. INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK(IDB) 2008Present Lead IDB's governance investment sregy andcountry dialogue for Panam, Bahamas, Belize,and Nicaragua, Reeruitand managean expert team to administer 4 100-milion-dollat loan and gran portfolio. Leadthedevelopment and implementation ofabroad-ranging, 15+ loanand grant project portfolio. People manage ive-person team tasked with providing implementation supporto grantees. Preparegovernanceinputs toCountyStrategies of Bahamas, Belize, Panama, and Nicaragua. Cultivate strep partnerships withGovernments donors,andcivilsocierytoadvanceinsitutonaland project sims andwidentfy newareas forinvestmentresultinginapprovalof Sloanoperations (otavalue $80milion)and dhegrantoperations (oa value $25 milion. Manageelationhipwithextemal donorson 25,000,(00grant portfolio in Central America administeredbythe IDB, inluding: SECOPA, a 21.7 milion grant project, piloted wrap-around violence prevention services in Panama,inching 4integrated sevice centerforvitims ofgenderbsal viola and 2socialdevebpment exes for vulaerble families 10 promote social and family coexistace, and implemavation of an intervention model for incareerated youth that reduced recidivismby 25%. Strengthening of Nicaragua's: National Statistical System, a $4.4 million grant project,increased the capacityof Nicaragua's national Statistical agency and statistical system Lead$35M digial transformation programs inThe Babvenss, which succeededinregistering 20%ofBahanians for online account, putting key govemment services online, nd implementing a govemment interoperability platform in a2-yearperiod Monitor the quality of outputs and achievementofcountry-specificannual goals for IDB Governance Sector. Identifyand communicatebestpracticesandresults from IDB's workin the field. 3 projects highlighted in the IDB's annual Development Effectiveness Report. 1a Develop andmanagea eross-seaonland-funetionalteamto providetechnical sypportto governments in design and implementation ofdigital and social development programs Forged and trengthenal IDBrelationships wthsenior government leaders and civlsocietyinPanam,Nicaragua, and the Engish-spaaking Caribbean,fctatingeross-govemmentalcoordination and collaboration to accelerate strategic goals. Led the origination and design of muli-million-1350Pennsylvania Avenue NW + Suite300 + Washinglon DC 2000) > Office 003)724-7681