July 13, 2021
The Honorable Phil Mendelson
Council of the District of Columbia
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 504
Washington, DC 20004
Dear Chairman Mendelson:
In accordance with section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2-
142; D.C. Official Code 1-523.0 I), and pursuant to section 6 of the Office of Out of School Time
Grants and Youth Outcomes Establishment Act of 2016, effective April 7, 2017 (D.C. Law 21-261;
D.C. Official Code 2-1551.05), I am pleased to nominate the following person:
Margaret Sieget'
Ordway Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008
(Ward 3)
for reappointment as a nongovernmental member of the Commission on Out of School Time Grants
and Youth Outcomes, for a term to end November 7, 2023.
Enclosed you will find biographical information detailing the experience of the above-mentioned
nominee, together with a proposed resolution to assist the Council during the confirmation process.
I would appreciate the Council's earliest consideration of this nomination for confirmation. Please do
not hesitate to contact me, or Steven Walker, Director, Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments,
should the Council require additional information.
~hairman Phil Mendelson
3 at the request of the Mayor
16 To confirm the reappointment of Margaret Siegel to the Commission on Out of School Time
17 Grants and Youth Outcomes.
20 resolution may be cited as the "Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes
21 Margaret Siegel Confirmation Resolution of 2021 ".
23 Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the reappointment of:
25 Margaret Siegel
26 Ordway Street, NW
27 Washington, DC 20008
28 (Ward3)
30 as a nongovernmental member of the Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth
31 Outcomes, pursuant to section 6 of the Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth
32 Outcomes Establishment Act of2016, effective April 7, 2017 (D.C. Law 21-261; D.C. Official
33 Code 2-1551.05), for a term to end November 7, 2023.
34 Sec. 3. The Council ofthe District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution,
35 upon its adoption, to the nominee and to the Office of the Mayor.
36 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately.
Margaret Ann Siegel
Margaret Siegel brings to her work more than thirty-five years of experience in the local and national
nonprofit and government sectors - as a foundation director, full time and interim association
executive, development director, senior manager, government official and lobbyist. She can
expertly handle the full spectrum of organizational tasks, including strategic planning, program and
project development, advocacy, resource development, management and grant making, operations,
personnel, conferences and publications.
Experience managing a wide range of organizations, staff and projects
Expertise in local issues
Extensive network of contacts
Excited to take on new challenges and delve deeply into new areas
Able to undertake major projects and tasks independently, freeing up organizational
leadership for other responsibilities
Experienced team player and mentor
Accomplished professional in completing projects on time and on budget
FOUNDATION MANAGEMENT: Family foundations, independent foundations and public charities
Family Foundations
Have worked closely with four family foundations - Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family
Foundation (1999-2011), Lois and Richard England Family Foundation (1994-2006), and two
foundations in which donors wished to remain anonymous. In three cases, foundations were
evolving from donor-led work to inclusion of the second generation as full board members
and training them to become leaders of the Board.
Helped these foundations design and implement mission statements and select areas of
focus. Worked closely with Board leadership to analyze funding requests and develop
overall governance structure, as well as providing substantive briefings, preparing for board
meetings, setting up and managing site visits and other operational tasks. Covered a broad
range of local, national and international issues, ranging from human services, education,
arts and culture to Jewish causes.
In addition to support for basic grant making and organizational development, some
assignments were atypical. These included, for example, devising strategies to bring second
generation family members into foundation leadership, working to examine a range of issues
and develop a more targeted and strategic focus for grants, helping one foundation create a
program of collaborative grant making to enhance the impact of its awards, and working
intensively with a Polinger grantee - a startup - on organizational, board and resource
development as a "loaned executive."
Independent Foundations: have undertaken a wide range of projects, ranging from overall
foundation management, to helping establish a new legacy fund, to strategic planning to
enhance value of foundation grant making and work
Currently serving as a grants consultant to the MARPAT Foundation, working closely with
Board on three dockets, human services, youth and family planning, as Foundation spends
down over a three year period (2014-2017). Management has included work with legacy
foundation, Rita Poretsky Foundation, which primarily supported the arts, Jewish education,
and projects in Israel; effected division of foundation to resolve contentious issues between
and among trustees, working to ensure orderly completion of time-limited giving and
structure. (1999-2014) As a volunteer, actively participated in all aspects of Grants
Committee, United Jewish Endowment Fund, effort to create and fund innovative programs
both domestic and international, and worked closely on development of new evaluation
mechanisms to help measure effectiveness (2006-2012). For Berger-Marks Foundation,
facilitated strategic planning for board, surveying trustees, managing retreat and
development of refined mission statement, goals and operational strategy (2006). For
Episcopal Diocese of Washington, worked with clergy and lay Advisory Group to help
establish giving program for the Ruth Gregory Soper Memorial Fund, a major bequest made
to the diocese. Facilitated development of mission and vision statements, grant guidelines,
and shepherded process of awarding first grants. Developed job description for Director of
Fund, assisted in screening process of candidates. (1996-7)
Public charity efforts have been wide ranging, reflecting flexibility and ability to work in
multiple issue areas and with a variety of organizations, both long term and short term
efforts, in which quickness and agility in developing expertise was essential
DC Children Youth Investment Trust/United Way of National Capital: volunteer reviewer of
proposals for summer out of school time programs, utilizing expertise in proposal review and
evaluation, knowledge of local youth serving nonprofits (2016-2017) National Jewish
Democratic Council. Served as Interim Executive Director for several months, creating
updated systems and outreach, working closely with Board chair and staff, in order to assure
incoming Executive Director would have programs and policies to enable him to reinvigorate
the organization. (2013-2014) DC Bar Foundation. Served as interim program officer for
grants docket for diverse legal services programs in DC. Reviewed proposals, interviewed
grantees, developed funding strategy and recommendations, prepared overview memo and
analytic materials for Board meeting, working in close collaboration with executive director.
(Spring 2010) Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families.
Facilitated effort to create county wide coordinating partnership, Excel Beyond the Bell, for
out of school time and summer programs; worked with volunteer and staff leadership to
create programmatic, funding and fundraising mechanisms, consulted with key county and
private sector leaders regarding creation of and role of Steering Committee, ensured open
and transparent process for operations. Coordinated efforts for two county-wide symposia
on out of school time issues (2007-2009) As first Deputy Director of the Jewish Fund for
Justice, increased unrestricted contributions, established and supervised major direct mail
program, hired and supervised consultants, evaluated grant proposals, made presentations
to foundations and individuals, and conducted site visits to prospective grantees (1987-1989).
Served as Director, Business and Professional Women's Foundation. Developed and guided
all programs and promotion activities; obtained major new corporate-funded scholarship
program and increased support for ongoing programs (1984-1987)
NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION EXPERIENCE includes resource development, as well as overall
management and planning efforts for wide variety of local and national nonprofits
For Washington International School, worked with Director of WISSIT on strategy and
development efforts for WIS Summer institute for Teachers; facilitated introductions to
potential funders, reviewed and edited draft documents and drafted materials. Also worked
Margaret A. Siegel 2
closely with Director of the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning at St. Andrew's
School developing proposal for major funding of the Center's work. {2014)
For Pueblo of Acoma, researched foundation and corporate prospects; developed strategy
and proposals for New Mexico -based Indian tribe seeking funds for variety of projects,
including historic preservation, road and bridge construction, and other cultural and
educational needs. Working closely with tribal leaders, developed successful federal
government Save America's Treasures proposal for renovation and restoration of oldest
buildings on plaza of mesa. (2009-2011)
e Cleveland Park Citizens Association -as a volunteer, facilitated development of mission
statement and guidelines for executive committee of neighborhood association, working to
revitalize and restructure its operations; serve as co-chair of Nominating Committee (2009-
As a consultant, from 1984-1990, managed a number of projects ranging from research
coordination for Metropolitan Washington Human Services Coalition, project with George
Washington University which developed survey and report on changing funding picture for
nonprofit organizations in region to creation of a number of resource development
proposals, events and appeals for the Travelers' Aid International, Food Research and
Action Center, Maryland Disability Law Center and National Senior Citizens Law Center. For
the International Human Rights Law Group and Discovery Creek Children's Museum of
Washington, coordinated searches for development director.
PUBLIC POLICY, worked as an advocate and manager, both on staff and as consultant, in a number
of public policy arenas and for a variety of organizations over a period of several years.
On the national policy level, as the National Governors' Association (NGA}, Director, Human
Resources Group, coordinated and directed NGA's lobbying and policy development in the
areas of health, education, welfare, employment and training, criminal justice and public
safety, and emergency management and disaster prevention (1993-4). For The Union
Institute, served as Deputy Director, Center for Public Policy: Directed the Forum on
Public/Private Social Concern, bringing together funders and policy makers for an intensive
examination of key social policy issues, including disadvantaged youth in urban areas and the
creation of public will (1989-1993). From 1981-1984, was an independent consultant offering
research, editorial services, policy analysis, and political, legislative and technical support for
a range of national organizations, including the National Consumers League and Food
Research and Action Center. In addition, for the Forum Institute, developed
recommendations on ways to stimulate new resources for community-based senior citizen
activities; co-authored a report on education budget issues, widely disseminated and used by
national education organizations.
Served as Legislative/Political Education Representative for American Federation of State,
County, and Municipal Employees, {AFSCME): Lobbied Congress on economic and social
policy issues; conducted political action training for union leadership nationwide;
coordinated union political activities; developed materials on political campaign and
fundraising techniques; interviewed Congressional candidates to assess and recommend
support for their campaigns; coordinated AFSCME women's rights activities; and managed
phone bank activities in a successful Austin, Texas organizing drive (1972-1977). Began
Washington career at League of Women Voters, as a Voters Service Specialist: Concentrated
on problems in voter registration and electfon law, served as liaison to other public interest
organizations, and produced a pamphlet on changes in the voting rights law, focusing on the
18-year-old vote (1971)
Margaret A. Siegel 3
Locally, worked as Associate Director, Child Advocacy Center, helped to guide efforts to
reform the child welfare, foster care, child abuse and neglect, and homeless systems of the
District of Columbia (1982-1983)
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SERVICE: Department of Health and Human Services.
Held two political positions in the Carter Administration, serving as Executive Assistant to the
Assistant Secretary for Human Development Services, advised and represented the Assistant
Secretary on all matters affecting the Office of Human Development Services, the social services arm
of the Department, and as Special Assistant for Legislation (Welfare), Office of the Assistant
Secretary for Legislation, represented the Department on specific issues on the welfare area,
including Child Welfare Amendments of 1980; participated in Administration lobbying efforts in other
areas, including welfare reform, child health, hospital cost containment, budget and appropriations,
and consumer protection.
BOARD MEMBERSHIPS, current and recent
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, served as Treasurer of AN(3C, locally elected
position, serving as liaison between constituents and local government, on issues ranging
from historic preservation to alcohol licensing, home improvement, and general quality
of life in the Cleveland Park neighborhood (2012-2016)
Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital - Women's Advisory Board member, multi-year
participant in Camp CEO; co-leader of Hike-Arounds for senior Girl Scouts
Safe Spaces Project, a project of the Tides Center - Chair of Advisory Board of project
which provided grants and capacity building assistance to LGBT and youth serving
organizations across the country (2009-2015)
Adas Israel Congregation - Life member of Board of Directors; chair of Governance Task
Force; chair of 2011-2 Nominating Committees; chair of 2008-9 Rabbinic Transition
Committee, member of Rabbinic Search Committee, former member of Executive
Committee and Vice President
Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute - Advisory Board member; served as facilitator of
multi-session yearlong teen philanthropy program for five years; developed second year
follow-up program (2006-2012)
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers - Secretary of Board and Executive
Committee member, six year term completed 2009
Washington AIDS Partnership - Steering Committee member; chair of Finance and
Development Committee and member of Executive Committee, fifteen years of service
completed 2009
Mayor's Commission on Food and Nutrition - Member; served on Mayor Williams' Blue
Ribbon Task Force, which recommended major improvements in delivery of child and
family nutrition services and resulted in reconstitution of Mayor's Commission, term
completed 2009
BA in History and Political Science, Douglass College, New Brunswick, NJ, 1969
MA in Political Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1971
Margaret A. Siegel 4
* * *
Executive Office of the Mayor - Office of Talent and Appointments
John A. Wilson Building I 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 600 I Washington, DC 20004
Margaret Siegel
Margaret Siegel currently serves as a public member on the
Commission for Out of School Time Grants and Youth
Outcomes. She previously served as an ANC Commissioner for
two terms, and has been involved in leadership roles with the
Cleveland Park Citizens Association, the Interim Executive
Network, and Adas Israel Congregation, as well as serving on
the Women's Advisory Board of the Girl Scouts of the Nation's
Ms. Siegel has more than thirty-five years of experience in the
local and national nonprofit and government sectors as a
foundation director, full time and interim association executive, development director, senior
manager, government official, and lobbyist. Her grant making expertise focuses on issues