May 11, 2021
The Honorable Phil Mendelson
Councilofthe District of Columbia
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 504
Washington, DC 20004
Dear Chairman Mendelson:
In accordance with section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law
2-142; D.C. Official Code 1-523.01), and pursuant to Mayor's Order 83-119, dated May 6, 1983,
and section 4of the Historic Landmark and Historic Protection Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979
(D.C. Law 2-144; D.C. Official Code 6-1103), | am pleased to nominate the following person:
Mr. Andrew Aurbach
Morrison Street, NW
Washington, DC 20015
(Ward 3)
for reappointment as a historian member of the Historic Preservation Review Board, to serve a term
to end July 21, 2024.
Enclosed you will find biographical information detailing the experience of the above-mentioned
nominee, together with a proposed resolution to assist the Council during the confirmation process.
I would appreciate the Councils earliest consideration of this nomination for confirmation. Please do
not hesitate to contact me, or Steven Walker, Director, Mayors Office of Talent and Appointments,
should the Couggil require additional information.
Muriel Bowser
airman Phil Mendelson
at the request ofthe Mayor
To confirm the reappointment of Mr. Andrew Aurbach to the Historic Preservation Review
resolution may be cited as the Historic Preservation Review Board Andrew Aurbach
Confirmation Resolution of 2021.
Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the reappointment of:
Mr. Andrew Aurbach
Morrison Street, NW
Washington, DC 20015
(Ward 3)
as a historian member of the Historic Preservation Review Board, established by Mayors Order
29 83-119, dated May 6, 1983, pursuant to section 4of the Historic Landmark and Historic District
30 Protection Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2-144; D.C. Official Code 6-1103),
31 to serve a term to end July 21, 2024.
32 Sec. 3. The Councilofthe District of Columbia shall transmit a copyofthis resolution,
33 upon its adoption, to the nominee and to the Officeofthe Mayor.
34 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately.
Andrew Phillip Aurbach
Over twenty years of years of entrepreneurial experience designing and executing educational programs, tact
community engagement and advocacy campaigns, innovative media strategy, award-winning video and multimedia
production, meeting/conference planning and communications consulting for a diverse set of clients across the
corporate, government and non-profit sectors.
Consulting and strategy for the development and implementation of content across video, print and multimedia platforms
including broadcast and non-broadcast video, web applications, mobile applications, analytics, SEO, digital relationships
and social media. Focus on planning, urbanism, cultural and environmental sustainability and community building at the
local, state and regional level. Manage multiple projects and a flexible work staff across many locations based on project
Capital Sustainability, Inc. Community, environmental and energy sustainability, 2014-Present
Rivendell international, Inc., Media Production and Communications Consulting, President 1992-Present
ASAA Multimedia, LLC Digital Solutions and Application Development, Principal 1997-Present
Selected Clients:
Government: US Department of Defense, US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Federal
Emergency Management Administration, Transportation Security Administration, National Academy of Sciences, Prince
William County, Virginia,
Non-Profit: AASHTO, Washington, DC and the Capital Region USA, Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund,
Georgetown University, Institute of Medicine, American Psychological Association, International Association of Women
Judges, Constitution Project, DC Cooperative Housing Coalition
Corporate: Sodexo, Distributed Energy Financial Group, Central Uniforms, Dress it Up Dressing, Leadership Connection,
DCBiofuel, Dinoinshaw,
Selected Awards: Telly, Aurora, Aegis, Communicator, Accolade, Das Goldene Stattdor (Travel and Tourism, Germany)
Guest Lecturer, Catholic University of America, City and Regional Planning
Topics: Digital Media, Community Engagement, Public Participation
Selected Educational and Advocacy Programming
* Day In the Life of the Utility Customer, award-winning program that brought customer care leaders from
utilities nationwide for aseries of working meetings that yielded content envisioning thecustomerexperience
in 2015 (see First produced in 2008, the 2020 update is currently underway.
+ Prince William County, Virginia, ongoing video, online and print materials supporting the Building Development
Division, Neighborhood Services Division and the County Communications Office; educating county residents
and businesses to navigate the various regulatory processes including starting a business and obtaining
occupancy permits.
* Great Decisions, Producer for half-hour international policy series for Georgetown University and the Foreign
Policy Association, distributed nationally on Public Television. Broadcast program content coordinated with the
publishers of briefing books that catalyzed discussion with local discussion groups nationwide (1994-2006).
Boards and Appointments
Coalition for Smarter Growth, (Current) Member, Champions/Advisory Council,
Ward 3 Vision, (Current) Steering Committee
Advising CSG on organizational sustainability, strategic marketing and communications and on issues related to advocacy
of sustainable development. At the community level, promoting Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development in the
District of Columbia. Work with community stakeholders, local legislative bodies and the executive branch to articulate
and implement policies and actions associated with housing and transportation choices, compact development in
conjunction with sustainable and livable communities initiatives. Successfully worked with community stakeholders on
development projects to incorporate smart growth principles to the benefit of neighborhoods and the Di
District of Columbia Historic Preservation Review Board, (2006-2009, 2012-present) Mayoral appointee charged with
designation and design review of historic assets in the Nations Capital. Currently, as Chair of the Sustainability Task
Force, responsible for rewriting historic building guidelines and incorporating sustainable features to be compatible with
historic structures. Responsible for bringing representatives from OP, DDOE, DCRA, DOES, DGS, OSSE and HPO into the
rogram and coordinating the funding from a variety of city capital and operational sources across these agencies. The
Task Force will oversee the creation and deployment of communications programs and outreach strategies including
social media, web resources and meeting materials to ensure stakeholder acceptance and community involvement.
Sidwell Friends School Alumni Association, President, 2008-2011. Oversaw programming for and fundraising of a
membership of over 3,000. Successfully implemented first Strategic Plan which resulted in measured increases in alumni
participation and fundraising, expanded volunteer base and utilization of resources for the benefit of the commu
Officio member of the Board of Trustees.
Current:Chairof the Nominating Committee
The Cleveland Park Historical Society 2000-2007
Board Member and Webmaster
University of Wisconsin AlumniClubof Washington, DC President, 1992-1997
Planned and executed events for over 4,000 local alumni. Created a local foundation fund and raised over
$30,000 for the local scholarship endowment
Community Organizations
Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action Steering Committee Member; work with community groups, legislative
stakeholders and the DC Department of Transportation to advocate for and implement a progressive multi-modal solution
for this heavily traveled corridor; Successfully raised monies and completed a pedestrian audit working with over 80
volunteers in phase one of the project.
District of Columbia Office of Planning, Neighborhood Sustainability Indicator Pilot Project, Task Force, Identified
sustainability indicators and potential stakeholders to collaborate on this neighborhood focused project to enable the
community mitigate negative environmental impacts and to promote and improve more responsible and environmentally
sustainable practices (2009-2010).
Selected Broadcast Credits
* Network White House Producer, 1996 Campaign and Election
* Producer, Legendsof Airpower, a multi-part series detailing the lives and timesof those who shaped United
States aviation history
U.S. Production Coordinator, The Clintons: A Marriage of Power, a three-part miniseries produced for the BBC
and Discovery Networks
Producer, Runways of Fire, documentary on the quest for zero-length launch of Air Force F-100 aircraft during
the Cold War. Distributed nationallyforAir & Space Smithsonian
Resume of Andrew P. Aurbach Page 2
The Catholic University of America, School of Architecture and Planning
Masters in City and Regional Planning
Tau Sigma Delta Honors Society
Thesis: Innovative Technology Platforms in the Public Engagement Process
Outstanding Student Award
Member, American Planning Association
The University of Wisconsin at Madison, Bachelor of Sciences
Awarded Distinction in both majors: Journalism and History (1990)
Earned Certificate in IntegratedLiberal Studies
Resume of Andrew P. Aurbach Page3
Executive Office of the Mayor - Office of Talent and Appointments
John A, Wilson Building | 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 600 | Washington, DC 20004
Andrew Aurbach
Andrew Aurbach currently serves as a member of the Historic
Preservation Review Board, and is the President of Media Production
and Communications Consulting for Rivendell International, Inc.
Mr. Aurbach has built a successful media consulting business that
includes designing and implementing multimedia and communications
strategies for numerous clients spanning Fortune 500 companies,
federal, state, local governments, major institutions ofhigher learning,
trade associations, and community groups. He was previously a
network White House producer and produced the first interactive
DVD-ROM, Encyclopedia Electronica, a multimedia educational
resource. Mr. Aurbach has developed an interactive presence for the
Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council of the US Federal Highway Administration and
also served as a team member for the update of the FEMA Risk Map initiative for the web.
A Ward 3 resident, Mr. Aurbach obtained a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and History from
the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a Master's Degree in City and Regional Planning
from The Catholic University ofAmerica School of Architecture and Planning.
Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser
kk Ok
Office of the General Counsel to the Mayor
To: Ronan Gulstone, Steve Walker
From: Betsy Cavendish
Date: April 22, 2021
Subject: Legal sufficiency review of Resolutions nominating Andrew Aurbach, Alexandra
Jones, Gretchen Pfachler, and Carisa Stanley to the Historic Preservation Review
This is to Certify that this office has reviewed the above-referenced legislation and
found it to be legally unobjectionable. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not
hesitate to call me at 202-724-7681.
Leesan Qulewtahe
Elizabeth Cavendish
The John A. Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW > Suite300_+ Washingion,
D.C, 2000) > Oilice (202) 724-7681