1 ____________________________
2 Chairman Phil Mendelson
8 _________
13 __________________
16 To appoint Ms. Lucinda Babers as a principal member of the Board of Directors of the Washington
17 Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
20 resolution may be cited as the Board of Directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit
21 Authority Lucinda Babers Appointment Resolution of 2021.
23 Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia appoints:
24 Ms. Lucinda Babers
25 G Street, SW
26 Washington, D.C. 20024
27 (Ward 6)
28 as a principal member of the Board of Directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit
29 Authority, in accordance with section 5 of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
30 Compact, approved November 6, 1966 (80 Stat. 1324; D.C. Official Code 9-1107.01(5)), and
31 the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Board of Directors Act of 2012, effective
32 April 27, 2013 (D.C. Law 19-286; D.C. Official Code 9-1108.11), replacing Corbett Price, for
33 the remainder of an unexpired term to end June 30, 2023.
34 Sec. 3. The Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution,
35 upon its adoption, to the appointee, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and to
36 the Office of the Mayor.
37 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon the first date of publication in
38 the District of Columbia Register.
G Street, SW, Unit , Washington, DC 20024
Accomplished, innovative, and results-oriented senior executive with proven ability
to lead change and develop and implement policies, standards, and best practices
supporting operational objectives in military, corporate, and government
organizations. Ability to successfully transfer skills to corrections, public works,
transportation (car, bicycle, scooter, bus, and rail), consumer protection, motor
vehicles (city, county, and state functions), adjudication, for-hire vehicles,
environment, building inspections, consumer products, and city administration.
Leadership Critical Thinking
Operational/Program Management Strategic Planning
Performance Management Facilitation/Training
Financial/Budget Management Process Improvement
Multichannel Customer Service Data and Trend Analysis
Proposing permanent telework concept, due to COVID-19, for over 65% of DMOI
employees by creating consolidated customer service center (for customer
virtual meetings and computer/printer access) and hoteling center for
employees to reserve office space.
Coordinating one of most aggressive environmental legislative acts with goals to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 50% by 2032; to
derive 50% of energy using renewable sources by 2032; to require 50% zero-
emissions by 2030 for public and company fleet vehicles; and to mandate 25%
zero-emissions by 2030 for private vehicles registered in city.
Administering guidance for multi-year cleanup of Anacostia River Sediment
environmental project to make river swimmable and fishable.
Overseeing Districts largest construction project consisting of building new
$500M bridge scheduled for December 2021 openingon budget and on time.
Created and maintained customer service channels by phone, email, social
media, online transactions, and Internet information.
Restructured motor vehicle agency into core operational units to align with
customers needs and create ability to nimbly change as needs changed.
Reduced vehicle inspection station lines by 60% by filling vacancies, redirecting
fee payment to registration transaction, and streamlining inspection process.
Changes resulted in eliminating plans to open additional facility and reducing
hours from 12 hours 6 days per week to 8 hours 5 days per week. Years later,
eliminated safety inspection to further reduce customer wait time.
Developed ability for customers to submit traffic related tickets online for
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G Street, SW, Unit , Washington, DC 20024
adjudication for all phases of processinitial, reconsideration and appeal.
Innovative process resulted in over 65% of online adjudication submissions.
Oversaw design, build and opening of three new motor vehicle locations that
replaced substandard city facilities. Facilities accommodated increase of 1,000
monthly residents and provided state-of-the-art facilities and technology.
Implemented federally mandated REAL ID credentials requiring customers to
revalidate breeder documents and requiring agency to adhere to 39 compliance
requirements. Also, implemented non-REAL ID credential for undocumented
residents which created challenges related to language translations.
Resolved $1.6M budget gap by closing motor vehicle location and eliminating
in-person vehicle registration renewals to accommodate increased customer
volume at remaining service center locations.
Created online dealer module allowing new car dealers the ability to title and
register vehicles sold to city residents; thereby, reducing wait time.
Addressed dealer fraud by eliminating temporary tag issuance to used car
dealers. Only motor vehicle agency in country to take this innovative approach
which reduced dealer temporary tag issuance by over 40%.
Partnered with health organization to offer first in nation HIV screening option
for customers waiting to receive motor vehicle service. Screening offered at two
locations and customers receive $7 stipend towards motor vehicle fees.
Offered nations first gender-neutral credential (marked by an X) and first
vehicle recall information on vehicle inspection reports.
Washington, DC
Deputy Mayor, Executive Office of the Mayor
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure
Provide oversight and guidance to agencies related to motor vehicles,
transportation, permitting/licensing, for hire vehicles, environment, public works
and insurance, securities, and banking. Liaison for gas, electric, and water utility
companies, along with regional rail and bus service. Oversight includes 3,372
employee positions, $651 million in operating funds, $1.97 billion in capital
funding, and over $500 million in revenue.
Mitigated COVID-19 impact by implementing speed limit reduction (from 25mph
to 20mph on local streets), neighborhood slow streets for social distancing,
dedicated bus lanes, and restaurant streateries.
Created expedited city permit process for small cell providers and pole owners
installation of 5G technology.
Presented Mayors proposed FY20/FY21 budgets during 11 community events.
Refocused Vision Zero Working Group to improve cross-agency and cross-
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G Street, SW, Unit , Washington, DC 20024
cluster coordination related to making streets safer for all District residents
such that in 2019 District experienced 25% decrease in traffic fatalities (27) from
prior year (36), which is first decrease since 2015.
Established quarterly utility meetings with electric, gas, water, and city permit
organizations resulting in full access to system for coordinating utility work.
Created new office including determination of job positions, vision, mission,
strategic goals, method for coordinating with oversight agencies, customer
relations, social media presence (i.e., website, twitter, Facebook, Instagram),
and ongoing agency operations.
Director, Department of Motor Vehicles
Provided overall direction and developed strategic and tactical goals for department,
including licensing, titling, registration, inspection, legislation, technology,
administrative and adjudication functions with $68 million operating and capital
budget, $352 million revenue and 266 to 396 positions.
Created agency 2017-2022 strategic plan with updated mission, vision, core
values and strategic objectives aligned with Mayoral priorities.
From February 2016 December 2018, consistently received monthly A minus
rating or above on grade.dc.gov customer satisfaction platform placing in top
10% of city agencies.
Implemented 35+ online services, including address changes, driver license
reinstatements and driver records, that increased usage by over 57% and
decreased in-person customer wait times by providing alternate services.
Launched online ticket email customer account to allow customers to receive
emails when traffic tickets are issued, about to double in fine or adjudicated.
Created online document verification system to assist customers with bringing
the proper documentation to avoid multiple in-person visits.
Deployed online insurance verification system to eliminate sending customers
pending registration suspension notices due to insurance company changes.
Revamped driver manual and knowledge test system which included state-of-
the-art technology and increasing languages available from seven to fifteen.
Also, created online sample practice tests in seven languages.
Rolled out upgraded road test appointment system which was integrated with
licensing system to provide seamless employee and customer experience.
Upgraded digital camera system with facial recognition, integrated pictures, and
better printer quality to optimize credential issuance and further deter fraud.
Reduced agency paper consumption by over 1% by eliminating automatic
printing and changing the printer font to one using less toner.
Redistributed specialized services throughout facilities to stabilize workloads.
Successfully rolled out newly designed credential, with advanced security
features and layout, using central issuance process to allow for fraud checks.
Decreased opportunity for customer temporary tag fraud by issuing 45-day hard
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G Street, SW, Unit Washington, DC 20024
tags to allow for customer vehicle inspections. Customers then renewed online.
Reduced traffic ticket appeals by 90% by implementing reconsideration process.
Eliminated traffic ticket appeal backlog, from 24 months to 45-day turnaround,
by creating one-year full time Appeals Board to provide dedicated resources.
Conducted six-month ticket amnesty program which collected over $5M in city
delinquent ticket debt by allowing customers to pay original fine amount.
Executed customer service initiatives including allowing driver instructors to
conduct customer road tests, providing computer kiosks at each location for
customers to obtain breeder documents, conducting senior outreach related to
online services, allowing seniors to more easily verify proof of identity and
extending license expiration period prior to requiring retesting for renewal.
Automated vehicle tag surrender refund process; thereby, streamlining process
and reducing potential for financial errors in manual process.
Led industry in sending email renewal notices to city residents for vehicle
registrations, inspections, and driver licenses/identification cards.
Pioneered use of wait watcher cameras allowing customers to view online real-
time customer volume at motor vehicle locations prior to in-person visits.
Upgraded technology for queuing system with public service announcement
capabilities for customer communication and information.
Passed legislation allowing customers to donate to organ donor registry when
conducting motor vehicle transaction.
Implemented DC DMV Human Trafficking Awareness initiative to include
employee training, customer brochures and trucker communication.
Established DMV Citizen Advisory Committee to partner with the local
community on customer service improvement recommendations and initiatives.
Appointed AAMVA Region I President and hosted 2007 Region I Conference.
Served on AAMVA International Board of Directors from 2007-2008.
Deputy Director, Department of Motor Vehicles
Led departmental operations including licensing, titling, registration, inspection,
call center and adjudication functions with $76 million operating and capital
budget and $300 million revenue. Coordinated activities of 260 employees
performing multi-channel customer service functions in highly regulatory and
process intense environment.
Assisted with development and implementation of agency strategic plan and
revised performance measures to support organizational goals outlined in plan.
Prepared agency budget using zero-based budget concept and ensured spending
was within allowable limits; thereby resulting in no budget shortfall for 3 years.
Reclassified over 80% of job positions resulting in increased salaries and greater
employee satisfaction, retention, and cross-training.
Provided performance evaluation training and guidance resulting in agencys
evaluation process being heralded as model for District city government.
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G Street, SW, Unit Washington, DC 20024
Improved employee morale by implementing FISH! Philosophy which placed
customers at center of service and held managers as accountable leaders.
Reviewed and revised all operational policies and procedures, ensuring
adherence to regulatory requirements. Pioneered Find a Simple, Legal Yes
customer service model by empowering employees to make frontline decisions.
Prepared and delivered testimony before City Council related to operational
effectiveness of departmental functions, policies, processes, budget, and service.
Minimized customer impact during emergency relocation of over 80 employees,
including entire adjudication function, due to facility maintenance failures.
Washington, DC
Senior Director, Operations
Supervised service guarantee program, including tracking, analyzing, and
communicating program results and developing program policies and standards.
Saved over 50% of FY01 division budget, 10% more than originally committed,
due to cost management measures which tracked and monitored cost metrics.
Developed operational project implementation plan for $11 million food and
beverage point-of-sale system for all food rail cars.
Project Manager/Director, Service Standards
Served as project manager for $30 million Service Standards initiative designed to
rebuild AMTRAK brand and revolutionize customer service.
Introduced L.A.S.T. (Listen, Apologize, Solve and Thank) as service recovery
technique and reinforced employee empowerment in solving customer issues.
Administered largest training initiative in AMTRAKs history by training over
24,000 employees in customer service techniques in 9-month period.
Revamped agency Intranet site by standardizing navigation tools, improving and
expanding content and installing employee Intranet kiosks for easy access.
Washington, DC
Associate Management Officer, Office of City Manager
Served as project manager for monitoring and tracking over 270 management
reform projects for 17 city government agencies. Reviewed and processed contract
documents, developed performance measures, and prepared project plans.
Oversaw agency directors as related to management reform projects.
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G Street, SW, Unit Washington, DC 20024
Created database to track, negotiate and approve over $280 million in project
budget requests and expenditures.
Wrote, coordinated, and produced five major reports and presentations,
including annual performance report submitted to Congress in accordance with
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).
Washington, DC
Project Manager, Corrections
and City Administrator Office
Led and coordinated activities of over 19 organizations, including city contractors
and consultants, for nation's first sale, leaseback, and private operation of
correctional facility. Served as government project manager by tracking and
monitoring activities to ensure costs, personnel and time were effectively utilized.
The $668 million privatization deal was projected to decrease operational local costs
by over $70 million during 20-year contract.
Created quantifiable performance metrics for contract quality assurance plan.
Implemented contract transition, including personnel, equipment, legal issues,
media coverage, union bargaining and operational processes and procedures.
March Air Force Base, CA
Department Manager, Industrial Engineering
Management consultant for 440-person public works organization. Supervised
organizations Chief Information Officer. Managed operations of $1.5 million
computer system, tracking over 3,400 work orders and $12 million in annual
expenditures. Performed statistical analysis to determine optimum operational
efficiencies and resources, including staffing levels, facilities, and equipment.
Managed $103 million of Harvest Falcon assets in five countries after Gulf War.
Provided technical assistance to base organizations on logistical operations.
Conducted privatization/managed competition OMB A-76 study, resulting in
paint shop remaining in-house versus being outsourced; thereby saving jobs.
Automated in-house self-inspection audit program, eliminating 99% of
paperwork and 15% of evaluation time.
April 2020 appointment as Government Co-Chairperson of DC Mayors ReOpen DC
Advisory Groups Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
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G Street, SW, Unit Washington, DC 20024
February 2020 appointment to Board of Directors of the Union Station
Redevelopment Corporation
January 2020 appointment to Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Board of Directors as Alternate Member
Recognized as 2015/2016 finalist for outstanding mentor for Everybody Wins!
reading program at elementary school.
2014 AAMVA Region I PACE Awards for Moving on to Central Issuance (Category
1D, Other Print Publication)
2011 International AAMVA Customer Service Excellence Award for Implementing
Online Adjudication Requests
Implementing Alternative