February 4, 2021
The Honorable Phil Mendelson
Councilof the District of Columbia.
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 504
Washington, DC 20004
Dear Chairman Mendelson:
In accordance with section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law
2-142; D.C. Official Code 1-523.01), and pursuant to section 206of the Distrit of Columbia
Health Occupations Revision Act of 1985, effective March 25, 1986 (D.C. Law 6-99; D.C. Official
Code 3-1202.06), | am pleased to nominate the following person:
Ms. Tracey Ellis
15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(Ward 1)
for reappointment as an occupational therapist licensed in the District memberofthe Board of
Occupational Therapy, for a term to end January 13, 2023,
Enclosed, you will find biographical information detailing the experienceofthe above-mentioned
nominee, together with a proposed resolution to assist the Council during the confirmation process.
I would appreciate the Council's earliest considerationof this nomination for confirmation.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, or Steven Walker, Director, Mayors OfficeofTalent and
Appointments, should the Council require additional information.
Murif! Bows
hairman Phil Mendelson
at the request of the Mayor
To confirm the reappointment of Ms. Tracey Ellis to the Board of Occupational Therapy.
resolution may be cited as the Board of Occupational Therapy Tracy Ellis Confirmation
Resolution of 2021.
Sec. 2. The Councilofthe District of Columbia confirms the reappointment of:
Ms. Tracey Ellis
Sth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(Ward 1)
as an occupational therapist licensed in the District member of the Board of Occupational
Therapy, pursuant to 206of the District of Columbia Health Occupations Revision Act of 1985,
28 effective March 25, 1986 (D.C. Law 6-99; D.C. Official Code 3-1202,06), for a term to end
29 January 13, 2023.
30 Sec. 3. The Councilof the District of Columbia shall transmit a copyofthis resolution,
31 upon its adoption, to the nominee and to the Officeofthe Mayor,
32 Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately.
Occupational Therapist, Board Certified Disability Analyst
Oct. 2009- International Diagnostic Solutions, Inc., Washington, DC
Present CEO/founder
Develop special education solutions for international schools and families.
Special education consultant to State Department supported schools.
Manage overall operationsof a therapeutic consultation agency, overseeing site relations, outreach,
and marketing for service provision.
Coordinate screening, assessment, and consultative services for schools and individuals.
Provide related service clinicians for consultation online and/or on site throughout the United States
and abroad on issues related to assessment and intervention.
Dec. 2004- Ellis Therapeutic Consultants, Inc., Washington, DC
Present CEO/founder
Manage overall operations of a therapeutic service agency, overseeing site relations, outreach, and
marketing for service provision.
Direct overall provision of therapeutic services (occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy, and
physical therapy (PT), assistive technology, and behavior and mental health support) to Washington
area school programs.
Admitted as occupational therapy expert witness in Washington, DC special education hearings
Develop and support community education opportunities.
Mar, 2009- Supporting Parents and At Risk Kids, Inc., Washington, DC
Mar. 2013 Founder / Director
Developed nonprofit providing resources for at risk infants and children and teen parents.
April 1994- Independent Occupational Therapy Consultant, Washington, DC
Present Consultant
Provide therapeutic evaluation and treatment services in the District of Columbia and Maryland.
Develop programming in contract sites for children, teens, and adults.
Provide consultative services and expert testimony to ficld-related attomeys.
Conduct educational training for related service contractors and technical staff.
Oct, 1995- The Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC
Aug. 1999 Occupational Therapist
Developed an evaluation toolof cognitive functioning after head trauma currently in use by the U.S.
Armed Forces with combat personnel.
Conducted research for the Defense and Veteran's Head Injury Program, a nationwide research
project studying head injuries and related neurological disorders.
Responsible for the therapeutic programming of the intensive cognitive rehab program.
Consulted to the Army's Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).
Jan, 1994- The Hospital for Sick Children, Washington, DC
Oct. 1995 Occupational Therapist
Developed a Medicaid Advocacy Group for parents of children with disabilities
Acted as a liaison between Childrens National Medical Center Burn Unit and HSC
Assisted in the developmentofthe Hospital's first ethics committee
Developed protocols for departmental documentation guidelines and meeting formats
Developed strategies for marketing the early intervention and AIDS research programs
T.Ellis Curriculum Vitae 2016
Oct. 2009- D.C. Department of Health Professional Licensing Board of Occupational Therapy
Present Board Member
Serve on the Board of Occupational Therapy (OT) Licensing with the duties of creating practice
guidelines, approving licenses, managing communications with the District government related to OT
and Therapeutic Recreation, and consulting with regards to best practice matters.
Apr. 2012- University of New Hampshire SchoolofAllied Health Development Board
Present Board Member
Serve on the Board of Directors for Developmentofnew business, international expansion,
facilitation of strategic relationships, and national and international outreach for practicum
Mar. 2012- Trinity Washington University Advisory Board for Occupational Therapy
Jan. 2015 Board Member
Serve on the Advisory Board for the development of the new schoolofoccupational therapy for
occupational therapy assistants (first class entry Fall 2012), with guidance towards development of
masters level programming. Contribute towards development of new business, community-based
practicum opportunities, expansion, and facilitationofstrategic relationships.
Aug. 2011- Boulder Crest Retreat for Veteran Wellness Boardof Directors
Present Board Member
Serve on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting combat veterans
and their families dealing with visible and invisible effects of combat.
Feb, 1996- DC Alt. Representative to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
2000 Elected Co-representative
Represented DC occupational therapi atthe nati al level; voting on policies, budgets, and
certification and education issues.
Feb. 1994- rit of Columbia Occupational Therapy Association
2000 Elected Board Member
Coordinated membership recruitment, educational programming, and monthly presentations.
Voted on policies and budgetary issues.
George Washington University, Washington, D.C. August 2000
Master of Public Health
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH May 1993
BachelorofScience, Occupational Therapy & Psychology (minor)
Occupational Therapist, National Board Certification of Occupational Therapists 1994-present
Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomat, American Board of Disability Analysts 2002-present
Centfied Provider of the Therapeutic Listening treatment program 2007-present
Contfied Provider of Cogmed treatment programming March 2014
T.Ellis Curriculum Vitae 2016
AOTA education content consultant for annual conference (2008 - 2014)
Consultant to therapeutic riding program for Wounded Warriors (2009 - 2013)
Guest Lecturer at Shenandoah State University (2008, 2007, 2006)
Guest Lecturer at Howard University: OT Practice and ethics (2006- 2014)
Advisory Board Member (Vice President of Media Affairs) for Best Buddies Virginia- non profit (past)
BoardofDirectors Member Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington (Jelleff) (past)
Womens Leadership Group Boys and Girls ClubofGreater Washington
Advisory Board Member for Second Chance Employment- nonprofit (past)
Developing school-based education and support program for pregnant teens and teen mothers (present)
Received AOTA Service Award for representation at the AOTA Representative Assembly (2001)
Performed research at the Center for Health Services Research and Policy, Washington, D.C. (2000)
Developed a grant proposal fora local non-profit womens health organization (2000)
Launched Medicaid Advocacy Planning Group (1995)
Received DCOTA Awardof Excellence (May 1996) for outstanding contributions to the field of
occupational therapy and the community
AOTA Early Intervention Task Group
Families in Global Transition: Amsterdam, Neth.- Emotional and Behavior Support for expats (March 2016)
Families in Global Transition: Washington, DC- Special Education Support for expats (April 2014)
United States Congress: Briefed Congress- importanceofthe role of therapy in TBI (September 2012) Webinar on special educational and behavioral supports for expats (September 2015)
Assoc. for Advancement of Intl Education (AAIE): Supporting Special Needs Abroad (February 2013)
University of New Hampshire: Graduate occupational therapy lecture Outside the Box OT (December 2014)
NHOTA Keynote Speakeron Occupational Therapy Practice (2012)
Meet the DC Council: Advocacy Townhall Meeting & Panel Discussion DC City Hal April 2012
OT Practice and Ethics: Howard University (March 2007-2016)
Programming for the Adolescent Population Shenandoah State University
Emotional Disturbance In Children Shenandoah State University
State Childrens Health Insurance Program: Comparison Study of Benefits Offered Under SCIIIP and Medicaid
George Washington University Medical Center
Overviewof Cognitive Deficits. WRAMC
Parent Training on handling techniques for neuromotor deficits, WRAMC
Memory Deficits and Rehabilitation WRAMC
Functional Assessment and Treatment ofCognitive Deficits St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Pediatric Feeding Pediatrie Rehab Symposium WRAMC
Access to Assistive Technology Georgetown University Child Development Center
(In use/In process) Developed a functional cognitive evaluation tool currently in use with combat personnel
after lossof consciousness and mild/moderate brain injuryby the U.S. Armed Forces. In process ofbeing
published under the Henry M. Jackson Foundation and the U.S. Armed Forces.
Braverman, S. et al (1999). A multidisciplinary TBI inpatient rehabilitation program for active duty service
members as part of a randomized clinical trial. Brain Injury, June 99.
Elis TE, (1994 (Review ofthe book Counseling ParentsofChien, With Chronic Ilness or Disability
ric Physical Therapy,6 (3
E. (1994) [Reviewofthe video program Why Won'tMy Child Pay Attention?}. Pediatric Physical
Therapy, 6 (1
Registered Occupational Therapist
NBCOT Certification
Licensed: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
T.Ellis Curriculum Vitae 2016
Executive Office of the Mayor - Officeof Talent and Appointments
John A. Wilson Building | 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 600 | Washington, DC 20004
Tracey Ellis
Tracey Ellis OTR/L., M.P.H., is the CEO and Founder of
International Diagnostic Solutions, Inc and the current
memberof the Board of Occupational Therapy.
Tracey Ellis is an occupational therapist and disability analyst
with over 20 years of experience providing evaluation and
treatment to children. She is a proven advocate in the field
who has acted as a consultant to schools, local and federal
governments, by providing therapeutic evaluation and
treatment services, screenings, assessments, and consultative
services. Ms. Ellis other professional achievements include
developing an evaluation tool to test cognitive function in
combat personnel, creating an advocacy group for parents of children with disabilities, and
acting as an expert witness in special education hearings in Washington, DC. Ms. Ellis currently
serves as an occupational therapist member on the District of Columbia Board of Occupational
A Ward | resident, Ms. Ellis received a BachelorofScience in Occupational Therapy with a
minor in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and a MasterofPublic Health from
The George Washington University.
Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser
eke ok
Office of the General Counsel to the Mayor
To: Ronan Gulstone, Steve Walker
From: Betsy Cavendish
Date: December 21, 2020
Subject: Legal sufficiency reviewofResolution nominating TraceyEllisas a member of
the Board of Occupational Therapy
This is to Certify that this office has reviewed the above-referenced resolution and
found it to be legally unobjectionable. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not
hesitate to call me at 202-724-7681
Elizabeth Cavendish
The fohn A Wikon Building 1350 Pennsy vania Avenus, NW > Suite 30) Washington, DC 30008 > Offige
(200) 722-7681