Substitute House Bill No. 5521, also known as Special Act No. 24-6, is a legislative act that authorizes the Commissioner of Administrative Services to convey a parcel of state land in the town of Cheshire to the town itself. This conveyance is to be made on behalf of the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection and is to be executed at a cost equal to the administrative costs of the conveyance. The parcel in question is approximately 2.5 acres, part of a larger 7.22-acre parcel located at 1996 Highland Avenue in Cheshire. The act stipulates that the town of Cheshire is responsible for any necessary survey costs, and the exact size and location of the parcel, as well as any state-reserved easements, will be determined by the Commissioner of Administrative Services. The conveyance is subject to the approval of the State Properties Review Board.

The town of Cheshire is required to sell the conveyed parcel for economic development purposes by September 15, 2027. If the town fails to do so, the land will revert back to the state of Connecticut. The sale price must reflect the fair market value as determined by the average of two independent appraisals selected by the Commissioner of Administrative Services. These appraisals must be completed within six months of the conveyance and updated as necessary. Proceeds from the sale are to be transferred to the State Treasurer for deposit into the General Fund. Additionally, any development on the parcel is subject to review and approval by the municipal aquifer protection agency, in accordance with state regulations. The State Properties Review Board has thirty days to review the conveyance after receiving a proposed agreement. Until the conveyance is made, the land remains under the control of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, which is also responsible for all other aspects of the conveyance. The State Treasurer is tasked with executing and delivering the necessary deed or instrument for the conveyance, which must include provisions to ensure compliance with subsection (b) regarding the sale of the parcel. The act was approved on May 30, 2024.