Substitute Senate Bill No. 387 (sSB387 File No. 470) aims to amend the campaign finance laws in the general statutes, specifically sections 9-601a(b) and 9-601b(b). The bill, recommended by Senator Flexer of the 29th District, seeks to clarify what does not constitute a "contribution" or an "expenditure" in the context of political campaigns. It introduces new exemptions, particularly focusing on online donation platforms. The bill states that voluntary payments made by contributors to online platforms, which are in addition to their contributions and are used for the platform's operations, are not considered contributions or expenditures. This exemption also applies to the use of online platforms to solicit these voluntary payments.

The bill outlines various other exclusions from the definitions of contribution and expenditure, including loans from banks, communications to organization members, uncompensated volunteer services, and campaign training events provided by legislative caucus committees, among others. The proposed legislation would not have a fiscal impact on the state or municipalities and is effective upon passage. It has passed through the Committee on Government Administration and Elections with a vote of 13 Yea to 6 Nay and is recommended to pass.

Statutes affected:
Raised Bill: 9-622