Senate Bill 351 (sSB351 File No. 222) seeks to amend the general statutes to increase the fee for recording documents in land records from $40 to $45, effective July 1, 2024. The distribution of the increased fee includes $1 for the town clerk, $3 for the municipality's general revenue for local capital improvement projects, and $41 to the State Treasurer for the Community Investment Account (CIA), up from the previous $36. The CIA funds are allocated to support state departments and programs such as agriculture sustainability, historic preservation, affordable housing, municipal open space grants, and farmland preservation. The bill also addresses the allocation of fees paid by a nominee of a mortgagee, raising the portion for the CIA from $36 to $41, and includes provisions for promoting Connecticut-grown farm products.

The bill introduces technical changes, including the repeal and substitution of certain sections of the general statutes, and is anticipated to generate an additional $2 to $3 million annually for the state starting in fiscal year 2025. This revenue gain is contingent on the number of land record filings each year. The bill maintains the overall fees for recording documents by mortgagee nominees and for assignments to or releases by mortgage nominees, with the only change being the increased contribution to the CIA. The bill has been favorably reported by the Government Administration and Elections Committee.

Statutes affected:
Raised Bill: 4-66aa
GAE Joint Favorable: 4-66aa, 22-38a
File No. 222: 4-66aa, 22-38a