Senate Substitute Bill No. 316, identified as File No. 258, is a legislative proposal that mandates the Commissioner of Social Services to conduct a study on the feasibility of expanding state-funded assisted living services. This study is specifically aimed at individuals who are eligible for the state-funded Connecticut home-care program for the elderly as per section 17b-342 of the general statutes but do not meet the criteria for Medicaid. The bill requires the commissioner to submit a report by January 1, 2025, to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly that oversee appropriations, state agency budgets, and human services. The report must include an estimation of the number of people who may qualify for such services, the potential cost, and the possible savings to the state by delaying the transition of these individuals to Medicaid-funded care in nursing home facilities due to health deterioration and asset depletion.

The bill, designated as sSB316 File No. 258, is set to take effect upon passage and creates a new section in the law. The fiscal impact statement and bill analysis clarify that there is no expected state or municipal fiscal impact from the bill, as the Department of Social Services (DSS) has the necessary expertise to conduct the study without incurring additional costs. The bill received a Joint Favorable Substitute designation from the Human Services Committee with a unanimous vote of 22 in favor and none against on March 19, 2024. No deletions from current law are indicated in the provided text.