Senate Bill 279 (sSB279 File No. 295) seeks to amend the certification process for removable windshield placards used by persons who are blind and persons with disabilities. The bill stipulates that the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles shall accept applications and renewals for these placards, and that the applications must include certification by a licensed health care professional. This certification must be based on a professional opinion after a medically reasonable assessment of the applicant's medical history and current medical condition within a legitimate health care professional-patient relationship. The bill also defines the term "health care professional" and prohibits these professionals from charging fees contingent on the certification of a disability for a placard, with a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for violations.

The bill further revises the membership of the Accessible Parking Advisory Council by adding a new member appointed by the House chairperson of the joint committee on Transportation, increasing the total membership to five. It removes the previous requirement for the House chairperson's appointee to be a municipal planner and instead requires that appointees either use accessible parking or advocate for such users. The bill includes technical changes for clarity, such as updating the term "medical professional" to "health care professional" and clarifying the definition of a person with a disability. The changes to the Accessible Parking Advisory Council are effective upon passage, while the other provisions will take effect on October 1, 2024.