Senate Substitute Bill No. 244, identified as File No. 116, is a legislative proposal that mandates the Commissioner of Social Services to conduct a study on the feasibility of expanding access to respite services for family caregivers through a Medicaid demonstration waiver. This waiver, under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act, would aim to provide support to state residents who currently do not qualify for such services under Medicaid. The study is to consider Oregon's existing programs that operate under such a waiver, explore other ways to broaden eligibility for respite services to those not covered by Medicaid, and identify potential state-funded long-term care services that could help finance a family caregiver support benefit.

The bill requires the Commissioner to report the findings of the study to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly that oversee matters related to aging and human services by January 1, 2025. The bill, designated as sSB244 File No. 116, will take effect upon passage and will create a new section in the statutes. The fiscal impact statement attached to the bill indicates that there will be no state or municipal fiscal impact, as the Department of Social Services is deemed to have the necessary expertise to conduct the study without incurring additional costs.

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