This bill concerns the modification of sentences for certain cannabis-related offenses. It requires the sentencing court or judge to discharge or modify the sentence of a defendant who is incarcerated for certain cannabis-related violations. Specifically, the court or judge must discharge defendants incarcerated solely for using or possessing drug paraphernalia for cannabis, or for possessing a small amount of cannabis. The court or judge must also modify the sentence to remove any period of incarceration for these violations if the defendant's sentence was for the cannabis-related violation along with one or more additional crimes.

The bill also repeals and replaces a section of the general statutes that allows the sentencing court or judge to reduce a sentence, order the defendant discharged, or order the defendant discharged on probation or conditional discharge for good cause shown. The bill specifies that this provision does not apply to any portion of a sentence that is a mandatory minimum sentence for an offense that may not be suspended or reduced by the court. Additionally, the bill allows victims of the crime to appear before the court or judge to make a statement for the record regarding the modification of the defendant's sentence.

Statutes affected:
Raised Bill: 51-277c
JUD Joint Favorable Substitute: 51-277c
File No. 651: 51-277c
File No. 813: