House Bill 6684 aims to exclude certain target shooting pistols from provisions on assault weapons. The bill requires the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection to identify semiautomatic pistols that are defined as assault weapons but are designed for use in target shooting and sanctioned for such use by a United States or international target shooting organization or for use in the Olympic Games. The commissioner is then required to post a list of these pistols on the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection's website. The bill also repeals and substitutes Section 53-202b and Section 53-202c of the general statutes, modifying the penalties for possessing an assault weapon and allowing for a first-time violation to be a class A misdemeanor if the person can prove lawful possession prior to certain dates and compliance with subsection (f) of section 53-202d.

The bill also amends current law regarding the possession of assault weapons. It specifies that certain individuals and organizations, such as law enforcement agencies, the military, and nuclear facilities, are exempt from the prohibition on possessing assault weapons. The bill also outlines exceptions for individuals who lawfully possessed assault weapons prior to certain dates and are in compliance with the relevant sections of the law. Additionally, the bill states that the possession of a semiautomatic pistol that is defined as an assault weapon may be allowed if it is used for target shooting events or competitions approved by law enforcement agencies or recognized entities. The bill also repeals and replaces Section 53-202d of the general statutes, which pertains to the possession of assault weapons, and includes provisions for individuals who lawfully possess assault weapons on a specific date and those who lawfully purchase certain firearms.

Statutes affected:
Raised Bill: 53-202b, 53-202c, 53-202d
PS Joint Favorable: 53-202b, 53-202c, 53-202d
File No. 359: 53-202b, 53-202c, 53-202d