This bill concerns the timely transfer of medical records between health care institutions and the fees charged for copies of medical records. The bill requires licensed health care institutions to transfer a patient's medical records to another institution immediately if the request is urgent, or within two business days if the request is not urgent. The bill also sets new limits on the fees that health care providers can charge for copies of medical records. Providers and other parties in possession or control of a patient's medical records cannot charge a patient, their attorney, or authorized representative more than sixty-five cents per page, or any patient rate amount or reasonable cost-based fee promulgated under federal or state law or regulation, whichever is less. The fee limit applies regardless of whether the request is made by the patient, their attorney, or authorized representative. The bill also specifies that providers cannot charge for the costs of copying records when returning them to a patient who decides not to seek care from a successor provider. The bill takes effect upon passage.