This bill, General Assembly Committee Bill No. 5888, makes several amendments to existing law regarding the Metropolitan District of Hartford County. It changes the powers and duties of the district board, allowing them to define the powers and duties of bureaus and delegate them by ordinance, by-law, or otherwise. The bill also requires the Auditors of Public Accounts to submit a copy of the audit to the Office of Fiscal Analysis. It allows the Metropolitan District to issue bonds or other obligations for various purposes and clarifies that these bonds and obligations are not a debt of the state or any political subdivision.

The bill also allows for the issuance and renewal of bond anticipation notes by the district, with a maximum maturity of five years. It amends the auditing requirements for the state government and other entities, requiring auditors to audit the books and accounts of various entities and report their findings and recommendations to the Governor, the State Comptroller, and the joint standing committee of the General Assembly. The bill establishes a task force to examine the organization and operations of the Metropolitan District and requires the board of commissioners to adopt, administer, and enforce a model code of ethics for municipalities and special districts. The effective date of these amendments is July 1, 2023.

Statutes affected:
Committee Bill: 2-90, 7-391