This bill establishes the "Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Account" as a separate, non-lapsing account within the General Fund. The account will contain appropriated funds, required deposits, and gifts, grants, donations, or bequests made for the purpose of compensating the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The State Treasurer will administer the account. The Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection will use the funds in the account to provide grants to eligible families. The commissioner may deduct an amount from the account to cover the costs of administering the account, not to exceed two percent of the funds deposited in the account in any fiscal year. The commissioner may also establish an application process for eligible persons to apply for a grant. The commissioner is required to submit an annual report to the General Assembly regarding the number of grant applications received, the number of eligible persons or families that received grants, the amounts of grants made, and any recommendations for the distribution of funds from the account.

The bill takes effect upon passage.