Senate Bill No. 151 establishes a full employment trust fund to be administered by the Labor Department. The fund will award employment opportunity grants to public and nonprofit entities for the purpose of creating employment opportunities and job-training programs. The bill requires the Labor Commissioner to conduct a study on the establishment of the fund, which will include an examination of existing programs and the feasibility of using the fund for workforce housing, employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth, and work-study opportunities for secondary and post-secondary students. The study must be submitted to the joint standing committee of the General Assembly by January 1, 2024.

The fiscal impact of the bill is dependent on the scope of the study. A limited study could be conducted without additional resources, but a broader study would require a one-time cost of up to $275,000 in FY 24 for consultant services. The bill does not have a municipal impact. The Office of Legislative Research does not analyze Special Acts. The bill was reported favorably by the Labor and Public Employees Committee.