General Assembly Raised Bill No. 1110
January Session, 2021 LCO No. 7917
Introduced by:
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General
Assembly convened:
1 Section 1. Section 6 of public act 18-154 is repealed and the following
2 is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective from passage):
3 (a) Notwithstanding any provision of the general statutes, the
4 Commissioner of Transportation shall convey to the New Haven Port
5 Authority two parcels of land located in the city of New Haven, at a cost
6 equal to the fair market value of the properties, as determined by the
7 average of the appraisals of two independent appraisers selected by the
8 commissioner, plus the administrative costs of making such
9 conveyance, and minus the costs for investigating and remediating
10 environmental contamination identified on said parcels. The first parcel
11 of land has an area of approximately .55 acre and is identified as 135
12 Fulton Terrace, at Lot 1200 in Block 955 on city of New Haven Assessor's
13 Map 69. The second parcel of land has an area of approximately .14 acre
14 and is identified as 54 Edgemere Road, at Lot 1100 in Block 955 on city
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Raised Bill No. 1110
15 of New Haven Assessor's Map 69. Both parcels are further identified as
16 the parcels of land described in Department of Transportation File
17 Number 92-932-37A. The conveyance shall be subject to the approval of
18 the State Properties Review Board.
19 (b) The New Haven Port Authority shall use said parcels of land for
20 economic development purposes. If the New Haven Port Authority:
21 (1) Does not use either of said parcels for said purposes;
22 (2) Does not retain ownership of all of said parcels; or
23 (3) Leases all or any portion of said parcels, except for a lease for
24 economic development purposes,
25 the parcels shall revert to the state of Connecticut.
26 [(b)] (c) The State Properties Review Board shall complete its review
27 of the conveyance of said parcels of land not later than thirty days after
28 it receives a proposed agreement from the Department of
29 Transportation. The land shall remain under the care and control of said
30 department until a conveyance is made in accordance with the
31 provisions of this section. The State Treasurer shall execute and deliver
32 any deed or instrument necessary for a conveyance under this section,
33 which deed or instrument shall include provisions to carry out the
34 purposes of subsection (b) of this section. The Commissioner of
35 Transportation shall have the sole responsibility for all other incidents
36 of such conveyance.
This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following
Section 1 from passage PA 18-154, Sec. 6
Statement of Purpose:
To amend a prior conveyance to reduce the purchase price for parcels
of state land by the cost of environmental testing and remediation of the
parcel for contamination on the parcels.
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Raised Bill No. 1110
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