General Assembly Raised Bill No. 1073
January Session, 2021 LCO No. 5579
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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General
Assembly convened:
1 Section 1. (Effective from passage) (a) The Commissioner of
2 Administrative Services, in consultation with the Secretary of the Office
3 of Policy and Management, the Commission on Human Rights and
4 Opportunities and department heads, as defined in section 4-5 of the
5 general statutes, shall study methods for assessing whether state agency
6 policies and actions create or exacerbate barriers to full and equal
7 participation by all eligible individuals. Such study shall identify the
8 best methods, consistent with applicable law, to assist state agencies in
9 assessing equity with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, income,
10 geography, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability.
11 (b) As part of such study, the Commissioner of Administrative
12 Services shall consider whether to recommend legislation to create pilot
13 programs to test model assessment tools and assist state agencies in
14 doing so.
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Raised Bill No. 1073
15 Sec. 2. (Effective from passage) (a) Each department head, as defined in
16 section 4-5 of the general statutes, shall, in consultation with the
17 Commissioner of Administrative Services, select certain programs and
18 policies of such department head's state agency for a review to assess
19 whether underserved communities and their members face systemic
20 barriers in accessing benefits and opportunities available pursuant to
21 those policies and programs. Not later than December 1, 2021, each
22 department head shall provide a report to the Commissioner of
23 Administrative Services reflecting findings on the following:
24 (1) Potential barriers that underserved communities and individuals
25 may face to enrollment in and access to benefits and services in state
26 programs;
27 (2) Potential barriers that underserved communities and individuals
28 may face in taking advantage of agency procurement and contracting
29 opportunities, including, but not limited to, the set-aside program for
30 small contractors set forth in section 4a-60g of the general statutes;
31 (3) Whether new policies, regulations or guidance documents may be
32 necessary to advance equity in state agency actions and programs; and
33 (4) The operational status and level of institutional resources
34 available to offices or divisions within the agency that are responsible
35 for advancing civil rights or whose mandates specifically include
36 serving underrepresented or disadvantaged communities.
37 (b) The Commissioner of Administrative Services shall, in
38 consultation with the applicable department heads, study strategies,
39 consistent with applicable law, for allocating state resources in a manner
40 that increases investment in underserved communities, as well as
41 individuals from such communities.
42 (c) In complying with the provisions of this section, department
43 heads shall consult with members of communities that have been
44 historically underrepresented in the state government and underserved
45 by, or subject to discrimination in, state policies and programs. Each
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Raised Bill No. 1073
46 department head shall evaluate opportunities, consistent with
47 applicable law, to increase coordination, communication and
48 engagement with community-based organizations and civil rights
49 organizations.
50 (d) Not later than February 1, 2022, the Commissioner of
51 Administrative Services shall submit a report to the General Assembly,
52 in accordance with the provisions of section 11-4a of the general statutes,
53 (1) describing the best practices identified by the study conducted under
54 section 1 of this act and, if applicable, recommending legislation or other
55 approaches to expand use of those methods across the state
56 government, and (2) containing a summary of the findings of the
57 reviews conducted by department heads of policies and programs as
58 reported to the commissioner under this section.
This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following
Section 1 from passage New section
Sec. 2 from passage New section
Statement of Purpose:
To require a study of state agency policies and programs to assess the
equity of state government programs and the allocation of state
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