General Assembly Raised Bill No. 5516
February Session, 2020 LCO No. 2912
Referred to Committee on PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT
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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General
Assembly convened:
1 Section 1. Section 8-35a of the general statutes is repealed and the
2 following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective July 1, 2020):
3 (a) At least once every ten years, each regional council of
4 governments shall [make] adopt a plan of conservation and
5 development for its area of operation, showing its recommendations for
6 the general use of the area including land use, housing, principal
7 highways and freeways, bridges, airports, parks, playgrounds,
8 recreational areas, schools, public institutions, public utilities,
9 agriculture and such other matters as, in the opinion of the council, will
10 be beneficial to the area. Any regional plan so [developed] adopted shall
11 be based on studies of physical, social, economic and governmental
12 conditions and trends and shall be designed to promote with the
13 greatest efficiency and economy the coordinated development of its area
14 of operation and the general welfare and prosperity of its people. Such
15 plan may encourage energy-efficient patterns of development, the use
16 of solar and other renewable forms of energy, and energy conservation.
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Raised Bill No. 5516
17 Such plan shall be designed to promote abatement of the pollution of
18 the waters and air of the region. Such plan shall consider the need for
19 technology infrastructure in the region. The regional plan shall identify
20 areas where it is feasible and prudent (1) to have compact, transit
21 accessible, pedestrian-oriented mixed use development patterns and
22 land reuse, and (2) to promote such development patterns and land
23 reuse and shall note any inconsistencies with the following growth
24 management principles: (A) Redevelopment and revitalization of
25 regional centers and areas of mixed land uses with existing or planned
26 physical infrastructure; (B) expansion of housing opportunities and
27 design choices to accommodate a variety of household types and needs;
28 (C) concentration of development around transportation nodes and
29 along major transportation corridors to support the viability of
30 transportation options and land reuse; (D) conservation and restoration
31 of the natural environment, cultural and historical resources and
32 traditional rural lands; (E) protection of environmental assets critical to
33 public health and safety; and (F) integration of planning across all levels
34 of government to address issues on a local, regional and state-wide
35 basis. The plan of each region contiguous to Long Island Sound shall be
36 designed to reduce hypoxia, pathogens, toxic contaminants and
37 floatable debris in Long Island Sound.
38 (b) Before adopting the regional plan of conservation and
39 development or any part thereof or amendment thereto the regional
40 council of governments shall hold at least one public hearing thereon,
41 notice of the time, place and subject of which shall be given in writing
42 to the chief executive officer and planning commission, where one
43 exists, of each member town, city or borough. Notice of the time, place
44 and subject of such hearing shall be published once in a newspaper
45 having a substantial circulation in the region. Such notices shall be given
46 not more than twenty days or less than ten days before such hearing. At
47 least sixty-five days before the public hearing the regional council of
48 governments shall post the plan on the Internet web site of the council,
49 if any, and submit the plan to the Secretary of the Office of Policy and
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Raised Bill No. 5516
50 Management for findings in the form of comments and
51 recommendations. By October 1, 2011, the secretary shall [establish, by
52 regulations adopted] adopt regulations, in accordance with the
53 provisions of chapter 54, to establish criteria for such findings which
54 shall include procedures for a uniform review of regional plans of
55 conservation and development to determine if a proposed regional plan
56 of conservation and development is not inconsistent with the state plan
57 of conservation and development and the state economic strategic plan.
58 The regional council of governments shall note on the record any
59 inconsistency with the state plan of conservation and development and
60 the reasons for such inconsistency. Adoption of the plan or part thereof
61 or amendment thereto shall be made by the affirmative vote of not less
62 than a majority of the representatives on the council. The plan shall be
63 posted on the Internet web site of the council, if any, and a copy of the
64 plan or of any amendments thereto, signed by the [chairman]
65 chairperson of the council, shall be transmitted to the chief executive
66 officers, the town, city or borough clerks, as the case may be, [and to]
67 planning commissions, if any, in member towns, cities or boroughs, and
68 [to] the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, or [his or her]
69 the secretary's designee. The regional council of governments shall
70 notify the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management of any
71 inconsistency with the state plan of conservation and development and
72 the reasons therefor.
73 (c) The regional council of governments shall assist municipalities
74 within its region and state agencies and may assist other public and
75 private agencies in developing and carrying out any regional plan or
76 plans of such council. The regional council of governments may provide
77 administrative, management, technical or planning assistance to
78 municipalities within its region and other public agencies under such
79 terms as it may determine, provided, prior to entering into an agreement
80 for assistance to any municipality or other public agency, the regional
81 council of governments shall have adopted a policy governing such
82 assistance. The regional council of governments may be compensated
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Raised Bill No. 5516
83 by the municipality or other public agency with which an agreement for
84 assistance has been made for all or part of the cost of such assistance.
This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following
Section 1 July 1, 2020 8-35a
Statement of Purpose:
To make technical changes.
[Proposed deletions are enclosed in brackets. Proposed additions are indicated by underline, except
that when the entire text of a bill or resolution or a section of a bill or resolution is new, it is not
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Statutes affected:
Raised Bill: 8-35a