The act requires the office of liaison for missing and murdered Indigenous relatives (office) in the department of public safety (department) to:
Conduct case reviews of violent or exploitative crimes against an Indigenous person and publish a report about the case reviews annually;
Communicate with relevant department divisions regarding investigations in cases involving missing or murdered Indigenous relatives;
Seek a position for a representative of the Indigenous community on the sentencing reform task force of the Colorado commission on criminal and juvenile justice;
Collaborate with Indigenous-led organizations and the Colorado district attorneys' council (CDAC) to assist CDAC in developing and providing training for victim advocates who work on missing or murdered Indigenous relatives cases; and
Designate one employee of the office to serve as a point of contact for families in need of support regarding ongoing or completed missing or murdered Indigenous relatives cases.
Office personnel may inspect relevant criminal justice records and medical, coroner, and laboratory records in the custody of state or local agencies that are necessary for the office to perform its duties. The office may seek, accept, and expend gifts, grants, or donations in order to carry out the office's duties and to provide financial support to missing or murdered Indigenous relatives' families.
The act requires the community volunteer advisory board within the office (advisory board) to prepare an annual report that includes a summary of the advisory board's work during the prior year and issues related to the office's work. The advisory board is required to submit its report to the judiciary and state affairs committees of the house of representatives and the senate.
The state's fusion center in the office of prevention and security within the department shall create a dedicated phone line for missing or murdered Indigenous relatives that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and connects callers with the appropriate contact at the office or the Colorado bureau of investigation.
The act appropriates $191,973 from the general fund to the department of public safety for administrative services and expenses related to the division of homeland security and emergency management and $170,601 from the general fund to the judicial department for information technology infrastructure.
APPROVED by Governor June 2, 2023
EFFECTIVE June 2, 2023(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)