The bill expands the definition of "records" to include audio recordings, visual recordings, and audio-visual recordings regardless of their format, which allows these types of records to be deposited in the state archives. It also provides for the preservation of records through digital scanning when the preservation method meets certain standards established by the department of personnel. Finally, the bill removes the requirement that the state archives receives copies of every state publication.(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)

Statutes affected:
Introduced (01/13/2023): 24-80-101, 24-1-136
Engrossed (04/10/2023): 24-80-101, 24-1-136
Reengrossed (04/11/2023): 24-80-101, 24-1-136
Revised (05/01/2023): 24-80-101, 24-1-136
Rerevised (05/02/2023): 24-80-101, 24-1-136
Final Act (05/12/2023): 24-80-101, 24-1-136