Under current law, an owner of special mobile machinery may obtain from the department of revenue a registration exempt certificate for the special mobile machinery only if the owner regularly has 1,000 or more items of special mobile machinery in the state. The bill allows an owner of any amount 250 items or more of special mobile machinery located in the state to obtain a registration exempt certificate for the special mobile machinery. All fees and surcharges for the special mobile machinery must be paid within 20 days after the special mobile machinery certificate expires. The owner may take credit for surcharges and registration fees paid on special mobile machinery that the owner disposed of or removed from the state during the preceding year.
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(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)

Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (02/01/2023): 42-3-107
Preamended PA2 (03/10/2023): 42-3-107
Introduced (01/12/2023): 42-3-107
Engrossed (03/10/2023): 42-3-107
Reengrossed (03/13/2023): 42-3-107