The act creates several opportunities for youth, defined as the age of eligibility for membership in the Colorado youth advisory council, to be involved in the review of the state's education standards. Youth representatives are appointed as follows:
The commissioner of education (commissioner) shall appoint youth representatives from nominations submitted by schools throughout the state to participate in the standards development process, which includes community engagement;
The commissioner shall appoint 2 youth representatives to any regional educator meetings; and
Each local education provider shall appoint 2 youth representatives to any review committees for local education providers.
In each instance, the appointing authority shall select the youth representatives from nominations submitted by schools throughout the state, and, when possible, one must be from an urban area and one must be from a rural area.
Youth representatives may be reappointed pursuant to each committee's process. The department of education (department) may compensate youth representatives for actual expenses incurred with participation, and, if appropriate, provide a stipend in an amount determined by the department.
The department shall promote the opportunities for youth involvement and request schools nominate youth to participate.
For the 2023-24 state fiscal year, the act appropriates $7,650 to the department of education from the general fund. The department may use this appropriation for content specialists.
APPROVED by Governor April 26, 2023
EFFECTIVE August 7, 2023
NOTE: This act was passed without a safety clause and takes effect 90 days after sine die. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (02/07/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Preamended PA2 (02/17/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Introduced (01/09/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Engrossed (02/21/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Reengrossed (02/22/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Revised (04/12/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Rerevised (04/13/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Final Act (04/19/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013
Signed Act (04/26/2023): 22-7-1011, 22-7-1013