Current law allows insurance policies to be translated to and issued in a language other than English if the insurer certifies that the English-language policy that is translated complies with state insurance laws. Section 1 of the act requires the insurer to also certify that the policy has been correctly translated by a certified translator or, if a certified translator is not available to translate the policy to the particular language, by a qualified translator who certifies that the translation is correct.
Section 2 requires insurers that issue commercial or personal automobile, homeowners', or renters' insurance policies to offer, make available, and issue the policy application, the policy, and related documents and forms in the same language that the insurer used in advertisements for the policy and to offer an applicant a form to select the applicant's language of choice for those documents. Section 2 also specifies remedies for an insurer's failure to comply with this requirement.
APPROVED by Governor April 11, 2023
EFFECTIVE January 1, 2024
NOTE: This act was passed without a safety clause. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (01/27/2023): 10-1-136
Preamended PA2 (03/03/2023): 10-1-136
Introduced (01/09/2023): 10-1-136
Engrossed (01/30/2023): 10-1-136
Reengrossed (01/31/2023): 10-1-136
Revised (03/07/2023): 10-1-136
Rerevised (03/09/2023): 10-1-136
Final Act (03/27/2023): 10-1-136
Signed Act (04/11/2023): 10-1-136