The act removes telepharmacies from the definition of "other outlet" under current law and removes the geographic restriction requiring that a telepharmacy outlet be located more than 20 miles from the nearest prescription drug outlet or another telepharmacy.
The act requires telepharmacies to be registered as "prescription drug outlets", instead of other outlets, and to be located in an area of need. An "area of need" is any health facility licensed or certified by the department of public health and environment or any area where a demonstration of need is approved by the state board of pharmacy (board). A telepharmacy outlet must have a pharmacist manager and must be under the direct charge or control of the pharmacist manager or licensed pharmacist delegate who provides remote supervision to the telepharmacy outlet.
The act authorizes the board to adopt limited rules to specify additional enumerated criteria to facilitate the operation of telepharmacy outlets, including, in part, the number of telepharmacy outlets that may be operated by a central pharmacy.
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

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Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (04/05/2022): 12-280-103
Preamended PA2 (04/21/2022): 12-280-103
Preamended PA3 (04/26/2022): 12-280-103
Preamended PA4 (05/04/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402
Preamended PA5 (05/05/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402
Preamended PA6 (05/10/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402
Introduced (03/23/2022): 12-280-103
Engrossed (04/26/2022): 12-280-103
Reengrossed (04/27/2022): 12-280-103
Revised (05/10/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402
Rerevised (05/11/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402
Final Act (05/20/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402
Signed Act (06/09/2022): 12-280-103, 12-280-118, 12-280-402