The act authorizes money from the tobacco master settlement agreement allocated to the state dental loan repayment program to also be used for oral health programs administered by the department of public health and environment (department). The act renames the "state dental loan repayment fund" as the "state dental loan repayment and oral health programs fund" (fund) and modernizes language relating to the fund.
The act requires the department to report annually for 6 years to the joint budget committee concerning the amount of money allocated to the state dental loan repayment program and the number of qualified professionals applying for and receiving loan repayment. The report must also include information concerning the proportion and use of money from the fund for oral health programs.
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

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Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (03/21/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Introduced (03/09/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Engrossed (03/23/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Reengrossed (03/25/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Revised (04/19/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Rerevised (04/20/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Final Act (05/09/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104
Signed Act (05/19/2022): 24-75-1104.5, 25-23-104