The act creates the Colorado rotary license plate. To qualify for the license plate, a person must be a member in good standing of a rotary district of Colorado. In addition to the normal fees for a license plate, a person must pay 2 additional one-time fees of $25 for the issuance of the plate. The fees are credited to the highway users tax fund and the licensing services cash fund, respectively.
To implement the act, $18,184 is appropriated to the department of revenue for use by the division of motor vehicles, and, of this amount, $2,129 is reappropriated to the office of the governor for use by the office of information technology to provide information technology services to the department.
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

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Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (03/09/2022):
Preamended PA2 (04/05/2022):
Introduced (02/04/2022):
Engrossed (04/05/2022):
Reengrossed (04/06/2022):
Revised (04/25/2022):
Rerevised (04/26/2022):
Final Act (05/17/2022):
Signed Act (05/25/2022):